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Friday, April 8, 2011

Myra E Product Reviews + New Endorser's Launch Last March

I know it has been almost 4 months since Myra launched Iza Calzado as their newest product endorser but it's better late than never.

The first time I saw Iza Caldazo on tv, I thought of her beauty as classic and timeless and considered her as one of the local celebrities with the most beautiful faces.  She walks in beauty - graceful, elegant, and level headed.  So when I got invited to attend Myra’s launch of Iza Calzado as their newest endorser last 18 March 2011 at Thaipan in Tomas Morato, I accepted the invite without hesitation.

The road to success for Iza was not easy. Her transformation is truly inspiring as she was once overweight but with her commitment to be better and with discipline, she triumphed over it. Quoting her, “I became fit by running, weight training, and occasional dance classes and pilates. If I have time I’ll try any activity at lease once to get a feel of it.” And all her hard work definitely paid off.

She now spends most of her time working, shooting, taping, recording, or rehearsing. But what makes it even easier to admire her is that she is not just about showbiz. She always tries to strike a balance between her busy schedule and supporting Gawad Kalinga. She said the she has so much faith in their cause, believing that their vision is possible and could be one of the best things that could happen to the country when it comes to fruition. Aside from Gawad Kalinga, she also supports kids with cancer. “I’ve always had a soft spot for kids with cancer because I feel that they get so much hope from every person that reaches out and helps them”. That being said, I believe that she is more than just a pretty face and she is indeed a beautiful person inside and out.

All of these are the reasons why, among all her beautiful and talented contemporaries, she has been chosen to be the new face of Myra 400E. For years, Myra has chosen to make a stand for beauty from within, beauty that is more than just skin deep. And I guess that's what makes Myra and Iza a good tandem. She embodies what it takes to be a Myra beauty – a beauty that is in constant bloom. And as Iza continuously works to improve herself, Myra 400E will be there to help.

Some of the beauty bloggers who attended the event. It would've been nice to have met these ladies.

Myra was nice enough to give out press kits and maybe we can also have that glow that Iza has? :)

Photo Credit: Thanks to Say Tioco Artillero for letting me borrow her pictures of the event since I was not present on the said event.


On to the reviews...

So wouldn’t it be nice to use skin care products that work without burning a hole in your pocket? And of course, products that are locally available that you can buy any time of the day. I definitely like the idea. I remember finding a few local products that I really liked and one of them is the Myra E Vitaglow Tinted Facial Moisturizer (click to go to the review). Today, I will be reviewing other products from the same brand. I asked help from my mom and my aunt in reviewing these products as I only have one face and I can’t try all at the same time.

Myra Facial Moisturizer – My Mom’s Review

My Mom has oily skin so she does not use any moisturizer. When I asked her to use this product and review it, she was hesitant because she thought it would make her face oilier than the usual. After explaining to her that if her skin is properly moisturized, the oil glands on her face would stop working double time producing more oil. It took me a couple of hours to finally convince her and she finally agreed to do it. After using it daily for a little over a week now, here’s what she has to say about the product:

“I was never the type who likes applying different products on my face so this was a challenge to me and needed to be reminded every single day to use it. One week was enough for me to see that my face is no longer as oily as it used to be and it feels hydrated without making my face look oily. My makeup even lasts longer. I like the product due to its being effective and inexpensive. I will continue using this because my skin feels better now.”

She gave this product a thumbs up!

Myra VitaWhite Whitening Face Lotion – Reviewed by Me

I noticed that I am now developing sunspots and freckles on my cheeks due to sun exposure. I was not too keen on wearing sun block back then (a mortal sin, I know) so I now have to use something to help even out my skin tone. I chose to try this product not because I want to have whiter facial skin but because of the hope that it might help lighten those spots as well as its having SPF15. I already have a skin care regimen that works for me so trying this out was a risk. I used it for a few days and found the experience fairly pleasant since it helped keep my face matte for a few hours and it served as a good makeup base, making my foundation glide easily. I am happy to report that I did not break out from using this.

The only con for me is that it made my foundation oxidize in just a few minutes upon application. I know I am acidic and foundations normally oxidize on me but I am using one that has never oxidized on me and is already a shade lighter than my skin tone so for it to oxidize means I used something that caused it to react that way. Since it was the only new product that I am using, I had to test and confirm if it is indeed the culprit. I didn’t use it for 2 days and my foundation did not oxidize. I then used it again and just as I expected, it oxidized again.

I am still going to use this product if I’m not wearing any foundation because I like the mattifying effect. I am just so sad that I cannot confirm if this did something for the spots because I do not use this on a daily basis but I will definitely do a follow up review after a few months. Overall, it’s a nice product to try for those who want a nice base with moisturizing properties and SPF. Just keep your fingers crossed that it won’t make your foundation oxidize the way it did on me.

Myra Hand and Body Lotion – Aunt’s Review

I am already using a different lotion that works for my dry skin and helps relieve my skin asthma whenever it acts up so I had my aunt use and review this product for me instead. Like me, she also has dry skin and was delighted when I handed her this bottle. I found out just then that she has been using this lotion as well as the blue one (not in the picture)for months now. She is kind of choosy when it comes to her skin care products since she also has sensitive skin and has a lot of allergies so when I learned that this lotion works for her, that only means it is effective in her case. She said that she likes the mild scent and how it keeps her skin moisturized without feeling greasy especially when she sweats. Aside from this one, she also grabbed the blue one and is using both alternately. She likes this one better than the blue one though because the red one smells better according to her. But the bottom line is she loves the lotions and will continue using them.

Myra E Vitaglow Tinted Facial Moisturizer - My Review

Just like on my previous review, this product is good for those who want to use a moisturizer while adding color on the face. This is a nice alternative to liquid foundation since it provides sheer-light coverage and feels light on the skin. I only wish they come up with a variant that is devoid of shimmers so oily-skinned gals won’t have to worry about shimmers showing up, though there are some who really do not mind the shimmers at all. Dry-skinned individuals may like it because it gives a glow, making your skin appear more radiant and healthy.

Myra E 400 IU Capsule Review - My Review

When I was younger, I remember my dad telling me to take Vitamin E because it’s good for the skin. He also told me that it will make my skin healthier and more radiant. He passed on his habit of cutting through a Vitamin E gel capsule then applying the gel on my face before sleeping, waiting for my skin to absorb it, and then wake up with better looking skin. But it became quite tedious for me as I have led a busy schedule back then so I stopped doing that. I started to develop a skin care regimen where I don’t need to slice a capsule and apply the oily gel overnight and be extra careful to keep my face from touching the pillow. I totally disregarded Vitamin E for my skin but when I got the chance to try the new Myra E 400 IU Capsule, I would have to say that it made me remember one of the best beauty advice I received from my dad (yes, he was a vain straight man).

I started taking the capsules last 1 April and I know it seems a little too early to do this review but I saw results instantly. Do not expect to see an effect overnight. Like any product, give it time to work for you. Within one week of taking it, I noticed how I woke up to a much more radiant and glowing skin that even my mom noticed it. It did not dry up any pimple (I have two right now, thanks to my hormones) but I was after how healthy my skin looked. I only noticed that my skin became oilier when I started taking it so that is, I guess, the only con aside from having to purchase it. Overall, I was pretty satisfied with it and loved the glow it gave me. I am not sure if I would repurchase though, since my skin became oilier, as I have stated earlier but let’s see if I will miss that glow and I might end up buying these capsules in the future. I would recommend those with dull and dry skin to give these caps a try as they might work for you and give you a youthful glow.

And the capsule

Overall, they have a very promising skin care line up. The best thing is that they are locally available and are Pinoy products. You may find your HG moisturizer or lotion as it only depends on your skin type and personal preferences. I hope these reviews helped.

Happy Wednesday night! :)


  1. aww I wish to meet you in one event someday :) :) :)

  2. Iza is soooo pretty (and she's Thomasian too, not that it matters)

  3. great review pammy! :D i think it's a nice idea to have family members try out products. x) i will use the babies as guinea pigs from now on. :p

  4. Iza is such an inspiration when it comes to weight loss. The will power to lose weight and to maintain it requires commitment. (Personally, hirap ako sa department na yan hahaha!)
    It's nice to know that this review was a family effort. :)
    I also like Myra's TM, it's very light and it's perfect for my errand days when I don't need much makeup on my face. I haven't tried any of their moisturizers and lotions yet.

  5. may age limit po ba ng paggamit sa mga products ng myra e? at anong edad po ba ang dapat upang makagamit nito?


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