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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Product Review: Make Up For Ever (MUFE) High Definition Microfinish Cream Blush in #6 Quickie

A cream blush that stays for a very long time on my combination-oily skin? Sounds nearly impossible, right? But yes, I have found a blush that does that effortlessly and that is the MUFE HD Microfinish Cream Blush in #6 Quickie.

What I like:
- Creamy and blends well with the skin.
- Very pigmented so you only need a very little amount of product and it lasts for a very long time. A little goes such a long way.
- Intensity of the color can be built up, depending on how you want it.
- The shade #6 Quickie is a very pretty salmon pink shade, which, I think, will flatter almost any skin tone.
- One little tube can last for a very long time as you only need a miniscule amount for both the cheeks.
- Staying power is good even for my combination-oily skin. it does not slide off and almost permanent tattoo-like. Stays pretty much the whole day, it's insane!
- The scent is something I can tolerate. I can't describe it but as long as it doesn't trigger my allergic rhinitis, then I'm cool with it.
- Locally available at MUFE stores. However, they don't stock up on most products.

What I don't like:
- You have to be very careful in pumping out a product as you may get way more than what you need.
- It may seem expensive at first for it costs in between Php 1500 - Php2000 here but then again, you are paying for pigments in cream form (in my opinion) that will last you a very looooooong time.
- Since it is in cream form, it may dry easily.

Overall rating: 4/5

Will I buy again? I don't mind having to repurchase but I'm partial to powder blushes.

Tip: While some prefer using brushes when it comes to blending cream blushes, I prefer using my fingers since it helps warm up the blush making it easier to blend with the skin.

Swatches (L- Blended; R - swatched)

Have you tried this blush?

I hope you're having a blessed Holy Week, super awesome peeps! :)


  1. Chel, true! Buhay na buhay ang pagka-pink nya. :P

  2. Jap, coral-pink hinahanap ni Chel eh. Gastos yan for her. :P

  3. i was given two of the MUFE cream blushes samples! they were so hard to dispense the right product amount >_< and hard to blend as well...ended up looking like a clown O_O and the dried bits at the dispense mouth are so gross when i tried to pump next time using it

  4. Jennifer, oh no! So sad that you had a hard time using those blushes. :( I hope that doesn't happen to mine too!

  5. this one looks promising! but its too expensive :/ LOL i love the pigmentation!

  6. hey i tagged you

  7. TBA, true. That's why I call it pigment in cream form. Haha! Thanks for the tag, will do it together with Hollie's tag tomorrow. :P

  8. Scatterbrain, yup. A pretty salmon-pink shade it is. :)

  9. this is so pretty! i am so inggit kaso i'm on a blush ban. :p

  10. Sugar, why??? C'mon, just one blush. ;)

  11. In the swatch photo, i see that its like pink coral-ish. i think this color suits morena skins too?

    but, the price is too much :( i cant afford it as of the moment.

    but, this is a nice review :) thank you so much for reviewing lots of high street stuff. im enjoying them!

  12. Reina, it will suit morena skin tones, I think. :P I agree that the price is prohibitive but it's sooo pigmented that a full pump would be too much for both your cheeks. :)

  13. Woow! I love the shade!
    Wish I can try this out but then again my skin is a bit oily and cream blushers don't blend well on my face.:(

    Great review!<3

  14. Tiffiemum, this is a good cream blush that works very well with oily skin. You gotta give it a try. :P

  15. wow so pretty!! i like to tube packaging too :)

  16. Joice, I think it's the size of a NYX RLS. :P

  17. Crystal, super super konti lang kailangan mo and it will last pretty much the whole day so one tube will last you a super looong time. :P

  18. pammy i haven't dented my blushes yet. i have 2 unused blushes pa so no-no to more blushes hehehehe. >.<

  19. Sugar, ouch!!! I only have one blush with the dent. The rest are dent-free. Haha! :P

  20. I never tried cream blushes before. nttkot ako bka hindi ko mablend hehe :D

    Btw, I tagged you here: :)

  21. MissKatv, takot din ako before with cream blushes especially after my failed attempt in using cheek tints but this one's easy to blend. :)

    Thanks, you're the third one to tag me, I guess I have to do it na asap! :P

  22. MUFE makes the best makeup, but dang it's so expensive lol. I would call this an investment!

  23. this is a pretty pink blush! i have thought of getting MUFE blushes many times but have never got around to it... if i see a MUFE stand again i will definitely check it out again :)

  24. Nic, go check out these blushes! I'm sure this shade will look fab on you. :)

  25. Love the color! But I prefer powder blushes kasi I have oily skin. Thanks for the review! :) -Dawn


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