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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Not so Red Lips

I noticed that in most of my FOTDs, well, half fotd is more like it, I am wearing pink or neutral lips. So I decided to do it differently this time. Instead of my normal go-to mlbb lippies, I used Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Berry Freeze.

Not so sure if bright lips are for me. I think this made me look older. :\

Stuff I used:
- Shu Uemura Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation 974
- Laura Mercier Secret Concealer 2
- Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Powder
- Kanebo Coffret D'Or Powder Foundation
- Browlash Ex Water Strong W Eyebrow
- Laura Mercier Topaz, Coffee Ground, and Sparkling Dew eyeshadow
- Maybelline Gel Liner Black
- Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara Black
- Too Faced Caribbean in a Compact Sun Bunny Bronzer
- Jill Stuart Mix Blush 06 Fresh Apricot
- NYC Tinted Lip Balm Sugar Baby
- Clinique Berry Freeze l/s

Happy Saturday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. Ang nice, Grace! BAGAY! :) It's a consolation that Clinique lippies work for you after breaking out from their skincare line :D

  2. Haha! Yeah, I guess. Oh, Argie. I wish I have the courage to go out wearing this lippy without having to smudge it on my lips for just a hint of color. :P

  3. I agree, that this kinda made you look older.

    I just want to say that your soft pink lippies always look good on you.

  4. totally understand what u mean! i stay away from bright reds too and for some reason i think they dont look that good on asians >_< it makes me look so mature and old!

  5. Jennifer, I agree. I envy Asians who can pull off bright red shades. :P

  6. Deep reds are very sophisticated! I love it! :)

  7. You look good with red lips too! Pretty :D

  8. The color is very pretty, it looks so kissable! The thing with pink is that it gives that overall refreshing look. But I still think this one looks good on you...sometimes we just get so used to wearing the same shade. hehe

  9. from the photo of your previous lips with other shades, i prefer the lighter shades on you. though, i dont think that this one made you look older. i think its hot! its probably the sudden flash of light.

    by the way, i love red lips!

  10. i think this color made you look more sophisticated! pang date nyikeeee!!! <3 kidding aside i think it looks gorgeous on you! ^_^

  11. i super like the shade... it does not look over powering at all and shocking!!

  12. Michelle, I think red lippies are classic. :P

    Aya, thank you. I'm just not used to it, I guess. :P

    Mina, agree about pink. I got used to wearing pink and light colors. :P

  13. Reina, I guess it was different for me so I thought I looked older. :P

    Sugar, pang-date, I agree! Though I still need the courage to wear this on a date. Haha! :P

    Donna, true! It is not the shocking red that will really shock me when I see myself wearing it. :P

  14. Chel, baklang-bakla lang ang comment. Haha! :P

  15. I love red lipsticks! Looks nice on you =)

  16. For me it does not make you look older.. mas sophisticated nga and you look more sosyal. hehe.. :) as if being in red means more money.. :) but really, it looks good on you. I hope you'll get used to it.

  17. the lipstick wears really well on you! it doesn't look too loud and it doesn't make you look older it makes you look classy (:

  18. agree with all the comments above, very classy nga! is that a bit of sparkle I see? ganda!

  19. Catmare, Karla, Cocoabee, Nikki, thanks. I guess I just really need to get used to it. I'll use it on a date. Teehee! :P

  20. the color looks so nice on your lips! nice blog im your new follower can't wait to be followed back by you :)

  21. Peach Crush, thank you. I already did. :)

  22. this red looks fabulous on you! i really like the glossy sheen it has!

  23. The color is soo nice! Does it last even after drinking/ eating?

  24. Nic, thank you. :P

    Burning Skies, the lipstick leaves a very nice tint on the lips even after eating/drinking. :)


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