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Friday, April 1, 2011

Product Review: Jill Stuart Mix Blush in 06 Fresh Apricot

After being in my monthly Favorites post for two consecutive months, I decided it's time to give this lovely blush a review. Oh, before anything else, I want to greet everyone a "Happy April Fool's Day!" I already greeted my mom and someone and reminded them that it is the 1st of April. I also remembered my belated Happy April Fool's Day post last year (click HERE and HERE to read). Teehee. :P Anyway, on to the review.

The blush is housed in a very princess-y compact made of plastic. Yes, it is made of plastic but it is sturdy and will not break easily.

A very lovely combination of 4 different colors - light pink (which can be used as a highlighter), medium pink, rosy pink, and warm apricot or orange - that gives a luminous color on the cheeks when swirled together.

What I like:
- Gives a subtle flush with a luminous glow on the cheeks. Sheer but build-able.
- Since it has 4 different colors in the pan, you can control the intensity of the color or achieve your desired pink-ness or peach-pink-ness.
- Texture is silky and the powder is finely milled.
- Not too shimmery but gives an iridescent glow as well.
- Has a faint floral scent but my nose does not mind it at all.
- According to other reviews, the brush that comes with it is pretty good at picking up pigments and has soft bristles. Sadly though, I don't have the brush. :(
- Has a pretty decent staying power. 4-5 hours max?
- The packaging is really fancy and princess-y. But not as luxurious as Guerlain's. :)

What I don't like:
- Might not show up as a blush for those with medium-dark skin tones but will most likely work as a highlighter for them. Not a universal shade as how I would describe it.
- Not locally available at malls but thanks to local resellers and pre-orders, you can get hold of this blush.
- Expensive! Just a couple of hundreds cheaper than Chanel and Guerlain, and a little more expensive than Dior if I base it on the reseller's price here.

Overall rating:

Will I buy again? Although it is a very pretty blush, I just might not repurchase. The other shades are not calling my name and telling me to purchase them. And besides, I love Shu Uemura's blushes better. :)


Have you tried this Jill Stuart blush or other shades?

Happy Friday, super awesome peeps! TGIF! :P


  1. the swatches are awesome :D what a cute pink color perfect for spring time!

    the one i used most is #10 sweet biscuit, the usage is like yours XD have dents in it but not hitting pan yet.

  2. It really looks so cute and princess-y. And it lasts for almost 5hours which is awesome. The color looks so fresh and clean. But it's a bummer its not locally available which is good coz i wanna start to save..haha!

  3. the shade is sooo pretty when swirled together-- peachy pink color :D

  4. Jennifer, I'm hoping I would hit pan on this blush. But there's still a long way to go before I can do that or we can do that. :D

    Kim, really pretty! Lalo na if you dig sheer blushes. :P

    Mina, there is a reseller here that sells Jill Stuart products. :P

  5. Hollie, thank you. :P

    Buy Rift Accounts, I agree I agree! :p

    Donna, a very pretty sheer peach pink color. :P

  6. i want one for myself... waaaah! i can imagine the glow it produces on one's cheeks hehe! thanks for the swatches, pammy :)

  7. Ira, go get one! I promise it's really nice, the glow is lovely. But you might not like it if you are into pigmented blushes like NARS and MAC. :)

  8. Even though I looooove the color, I don't think I'll even touch it cause the price scares me too much! LOL!

  9. Michelle, haha! I'm pretty sure there are alternatives out there. Almost everything can be duped now. :P

  10. Beauty Addict, the case is really nice. :)

  11. Do you want to sell it since you don't really like it? :)
    Will be interested to purchase

  12. chouB, hi! Thanks for your interest but I have already sold it. :)

  13. super pretty swatches. thanks for sharing. new follower - cute blog x


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