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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blush Love: Milani Baked Blushes - Corallina and Luminoso

I received these babies earlier this morning. And I was still sleepy yet but I decided to get up and take pictures of these pretty blushes.

I got two shades - Luminoso and Corallina. 

Luminoso is peach with golden shimmers while Corallina is coral-pink with gorgeous veining. Between the two, I am loving Corallina more. Luminoso turns peach-brown on me while Corallina is just a pretty coral pink on me.


Review coming soon! :) A shout out to sis Ali. Thanks for buying these stuff in the US for me and for the other girls too. :)

Happy Thursday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. these blushes are perfect for summer! :) can't wait for the review

  2. these are so pretty pammy! :3 will wait for your reviews! :)

  3. Coralina is lovely, the swatch makes your skin look like it's glowing! And I like the blush packaging too - very classy. :D

  4. Type ko both shades, I love Milani talaga! Even their e/s are very pigmented!

  5. both shades are pretty! I'd love to try Milani products :)

  6. Sugarpao, will definitely do a review soon. :P

    Dee, I love Corallina's shade too. I find the packaging quite hard to work with though, for some reason. :P

    Kim, order one. It's super pretty! :P

    Nikki, go get both din! These two are pigmented but gives a nice glow. :P

    Catmare, def go ahead and try Milani products especially these. :P

  7. Both shades are really nice! But I think I like Corallina better :)

  8. Aya, me too! It looks more vibrant and prettier! :P

  9. I'm going to wait for the review :D the blushes look promising.

  10. Awww!! The blushers look great. I heard there's a blush from MILANI which is a dupe for NARS Orgasm! ^-^

    I wish I could wear blushers but I have heavy acne scars which is accentuated when i wear blsuhers ;( Perhaps, if you know... you could please do a post on it !! ^-^

    Thanks hun!


  11. Deerest, I think that's Milani Luminous. I used to have both Milani Luminous and NARS Orgasm and I would have to disagree with those who said they are dupes. :\

    If I am not mistaken, shimmery and glittery blushes accentuate acne scars? I will research on it and perhaps make a post about it. :)

  12. the swatch looks awesome!
    i'm sure it will look fab when worn!

  13. pretty little things! i like the shades actually :)

  14. those shades are fabulous! i cant wait for the review! :D

  15. Just found your blog now :) Love it! The blushes are so pretty! I've wanted to try Milani for such a long time. Following!

  16. Thia, I can't stop swatching it. It gives nice flush on the cheeks too! :)

    Hazel, yeah, they are both pretty shades. :)

    TBA, review coming soon! :P

    Sloperation, thank you. Checked out your blog too and did the same. :)

  17. They're both so pretty! I'm sure it would look flattering on you. I've tried the milani mosaics blush/bronzer and so far I really like it.

  18. Wow!!! I just love blushers!!! and the shades are so pretty!!!! can't wait for the review, you'll look fab for sure!!!:)

  19. OMG lucky!!! These blushes are soo pretty. I'm tempted to buy them, but I already have too much blushes. But they're soo pretty haha.

  20. Hollie, that is something I have yet to try. Hehe. :P

    Ayieh, will def review Corallina soon. :P

    Royan24, it has easily become a fave! :P

    Becky, I think you'll like Corallina. C'mon, get one! :P

  21. I don't disagree with this writing!


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