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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Product Review: Reviva Labs Light Skin Peel

Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells in order to reveal fresh and better looking skin. I make it a point to exfoliate at least once a week but there was a time when I was not able to do so for 2-3 weeks and my skin ended up looking dull and unhealthy. Then I read a review about this product - Reviva Labs Light Skin Peel - and further looked for reviews online and read mostly positive ones so I decided to get one.

I was excited to try it when I first received it so I immediately followed the instructions on how to use it. I didn't go beyond the 3-5 minutes because I don't want to risk letting this product stay on my face for a long time not knowing what the results would be.

It smells medicinal, somewhat herbal, and for some reason, it reminded me of pizza and all those spices. While I'm not a fan of the scent, it is something that my sense of smell can tolerate. At least it's not as sweet as most Victoria's Secret scents.

So I waited for 3-5 minutes until it was completely dry before removing it. What bothered me the most about it is that I have to use a cloth to wipe it off. And if something's sticking and clinging for its life on your skin, you would have to apply a little force to completely wipe if off, thus, tugging the skin. While I noticed that my face was getting red from all the wiping, I also noticed a much more radiant skin being revealed.

I was pleased with how smooth my skin felt and seriously considered keeping it as a staple when I noticed that the redness did not fade and noticed a few red spots popping out on my cheeks and my face started getting really itchy. Much to my surprise, my neck and ears were also getting red and itchy. I washed my face and applied SkinMD Natural Shielding Lotion. As a precaution, I took Iterax (antihistamine) as well and fell asleep but woke up relieved from the itch. My skin still looks fairly nice even after such a reaction, and I am talking about the glow and radiance.

I was baffled as to why I experienced such a reaction so I checked the ingredients and to my horror, it contains crushed almonds. And I am allergic to nuts. Bummer! I have committed a fatal mistake of not reading the ingredients. I knew beforehand that this is made of natural/organic products so I should be checking the ingredients before slathering it on my face. I cannot blame the reaction I had on this product but on myself alone.

This is a really nice product if you are not allergic to any of the ingredients listed on the photo above. It does a very light skin peeling and will work for those who are mighty scared of derma peels (like me). I seriously do not believe that you have to hurt yourself just to have better skin. Just do not forget to do a patch test before using it. If I weren't allergic to nuts, I would definitely keep using this and would repurchase so it's sad that I can't do either.

By the way, you can purchase this at Healthy Options for Php 235 for a 7g jar. You can apply it thinly so you can use it more than twice or thrice. Pretty expensive but not bad if you don't have allergies.

Have you tried this product?

Happy Saturday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. haha, I'm afraid of derma peels too.. in fact, I've never ever tried having facials done in clinics. I'll give this a try.. thanks for sharing, Pammy! :)

  2. I wanna try this, Pammy! Anything from Healthy Options is a must try (well at least for me)! :)

    And be careful next time, sweetie! It could have been fatal. :|

  3. Karla, me either! I've only gone once in my entire 26-27 years of existence! Mighty scared. :P I hope you'll like it! :P

    JK, yeah. I am so digging their skin care products. In fact, everything I use for skincare, I got from HO. Thanks, I should've been extra careful. :)

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  5. crushed almonds?! HO has a lot of good finds kaso you really should check the ingredients. hope you're ok now :)

  6. Charles, yup, crushed almonds. I then figured that was the chunky bits on the mask. I'm much better now, it has been like 3 weeks? Haha! Thank you. :P

  7. A peel that smells like pizza! Thanks for the review pammy! Ive always been curious for this product for more than a year now..

    Try M2 Lotion.. its really good and helping my skin recover a lot

  8. too bad you're allergic to nuts and you are fine now.

    great review!

  9. take care Pam! Switch to other brand na lang.

  10. Glad to know you're okay now. That's super scary. I had that very same reaction when I tried Belo facial wash and moisturizer. I have no clue which ingredient I was allergic to but I washed it off right away when I felt the itch. whew!

  11. Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

  12. I always see this when I head to Healthy Options. I've always wanted to try this! Thanks for the review :)

  13. awww... :( allergies suck. next time remember to read the ingredients list pammy!

  14. healthy options? definitely trying this! thanks for the review :)

  15. It’s always best to check the contents of skin care products before applying them. Hey, you can never be too safe, right?

  16. Raiford, yes. And that's why I admitted to committing a mistake that could have been fatal.

  17. I found a very, very similar product. Reviva Labs's Light Skin peel costed me about 240,00php for 7g. It's so small, but costs a lot! The alternative I'm talking about is Go Naturals Skin Peel Purificator. Most of the ingredients are present there as well. Very similar. And it costs around less than 70php for 10G. The consistency is the same, gluey. But it has less chunks and looks like Oreo Ice cream. None of the chunky herbs. If you want to save money, I suggest this one. It's available on any Robinson's Department Store.


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