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Friday, May 6, 2011

Yum Moments: Butter, anyone?

This isn't a good Yum Moments post. Seriously, it isn't. My friend and I decided to try SKOW in Marikina (as usual, what's new?) but it was closed on the day we went there. So we walked a little and saw a cozy looking place called Corazon's Cafe.

As my friend and I were checking what's on the menu, the waiter was telling us which the bestsellers are which is quite okay. We were advised that those with smileys are the ones that people like the most. As we were discussing which dishes to order, the waiter kept making suggestions and never stopped talking since then. The moment he flipped the pages for us, that's when we got really turned off. We just settled for the bestselling spaghetti and nachos. I ordered chocolate shake since it was freaking hot outside and I wanted something really cold. Too bad there are no other shakes available at that time. I figured I can just add a little water if it turns out too sweet for me. But oh, I didn't know that the chocolate shake and water would be the best out of everything we had at that cafe.

The nachos was served first. We thought it tasted fine but there was too much cabbage (yes, cabbage, and not lettuce) in it. Though the black olives were a breath of fresh air. The serving was quite generous for Php 165 or Php 170 (I forgot the exact price. Selective memory, I guess? :P)

As we were munching away, we thought that it was just plain cheesy until we started to taste too much butter. The cheese sauce was loaded with butter. I don't know why but I called the nachos "nachos salad" because of the cabbages, perhaps. And oh, we started getting dizzy.

I didn't know my friend ordered chicken skin. We thought that these would take away the super butter taste in our mouths but we were in for a surprise. The batter also had butter!!! 

And the main course, Spaghetti. By the time this was served to us, we were already full and had too much butter. We were already feeling dizzy, I swear. We didn't pig out on the chicken skin, I think I only had 2 at that time so it definitely wasn't the cause of the dizziness. Moving on, the moment we munched on it, we tasted something again. The dreaded butter! To our dismay, we ordered San Miguel Beer Light to somewhat wash away the buttery taste so we can better taste the spag. The beer did wonders, we were no longer as dizzy as we were with too much butter on our system. However, we still tasted the butter as it was too much.

After 2 hours, here's what's left of the pasta. We swore to never dine in there again. I wish I had Tropical Hut's spaghetti instead of this one. And for Php160? Not worth the tag. If I want to get knocked out and fall asleep because I feel dizzy, then I would go back and have their spaghetti again.

That being said, there is no way I am going back to Corazon's Cafe again. No way, Jose! If I were to change its name, I would call it Dizzy Butter Cafe.

Happy Friday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. Horrible experience pammy!

    I hate it when some restos put too much butter on the dishes they serve, some of their cooks (not chefs coz they know better haha!) think it would add yumminess to the dish if they load it with lots of butter. But in the end the dish would taste blah since it adds to the umay factor of the dish.

    some even use margarine instead of butter. ack.

    Chicken Skin alone is packed with cholesterol, what more when you start adding butter to it, talk about serving cholesterol chips.

  2. Jap, say horrible again, please? :D

    Butter is good but definitely not too much of it and not on all dishes. I agree na feeling nila mas masarap if may butter but that's not always the case.

    Re: chicken skin, lalo ako nahilo after munching on just two.

    Really bad experience. I'd go back for their iced water though. Haha! :P

  3. Gah! too bad even the chicken skin sauce failed you! Blah! Don't get me wrong, I love butter but too much butter just makes me want to hurl. Too bad this resto failed you.

  4. Oh no, sayang ang money and time...tsk tsk. Sana you dined in mcdo or jollibee na lang. I hope the owners would get notice of this. They need to change their recipes or their chef (salbahe hehe).

  5. Waste of cholesterol and money! Parang yung isang Jap restaurant na nakainan ko dati, puro onions naman. Onions sa ramen, onions sa yakisoba, buti walang onions sa sushi nila hahaha :D

  6. Gah, I'm glad the vinegar didn't have butter. :P I swear I'll never go back to that cafe. Someone would have to tie me up on the chair if they want us to dine there.

    Ira, true! Their spag would've tasted better. And the total bill was around 450. A pizza at Yellow Cab would've been a better bet than this one. :P

    Madz, total waste of everything! Well I love onions but just like in anything, a little too much of everything is bad. :P

  7. eeek Hindi ako mahilig sa ma butter anything! Gulay! thanks for this! Will run the opposite side@haahahha

  8. you don't like butter pammy? :p LOL! the food looks quite yummy and it's too bad that it didn't taste as good as it looks. :(

  9. Nikki, run for your life! Nakaka-high blood. :P

    Sugar, I like a little bit of butter on some dishes but not too much of it on everything. Even on chicken skin! Eeep! :P

  10. Sorry Pammy, this made me laugh. I really hate it when servers can't stop talking while im looking at the menu. I appreciate suggestions, but I want to decide for myself you know.

    And the I've never seen nachos like that. With cabbage? That's weird lol

  11. Becky, the whole thing makes me laugh now whenever I remember it. But I can just imagine the probably smug look on my face as he kept talking and flipping the pages of the menu. Yeah, cabbage on nachos salad :P

  12. Oh my. No wonder kahit malapit si bf sa resto na yan (take note ha, he lives a corner past that resto) hindi namin sinubukan na kumain jan. LOL The only reason na nagkakatao jan is when Pacman has a fight. They close the whole resto with banners and such para walang makanood. Na-witness namin yun last week. Hahaha.

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