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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Swatches: Kanebo Coffret D'Or Lipsticks

Yesterday, I received a few goodies from a fellow Girltalker, Kat (thanks a lot!). She was super nice enough to send me some Japanese foundie samples and included two Kanebo Coffret D'Or Lipstick samplers and I would like to share swatches of some lippies.

Swatches - my faves are OR-102, BE-184, and RS-252

Lip swatch of BE-184

I love Kanebo lippies because they go on sheer, glossy, and moisturizing. I am not too keen on opaque and pigmented lipsticks that's why I love these.

Have you tried Kanebo lippies?

Happy Saturday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. Those samplers are so cute! Stars! All the shades look perfect for everyday :D

  2. Dee, they look like pretty lipstick stars! :P

  3. Caroline, true! And you get several shades that are good for a few uses. :P

  4. Gorgeous!
    Thanks for all the lovely reviews.

    I'm just starting to get into lipsticks. I've never been a fan of them as I found them very dry. It's amazing how moisturizing they are nowadays! :D

  5. Those samples are so cute! I want to go to Japan one day and pick up some of their makeup :)

  6. i thought there were candy at first! I love cosmetics packaging! most of them remind me of candy or food. especially the ones from japan and korea. haha :)

  7. those lipstick samples look so nice! sayang walang ganito dito.

  8. have a great sunday pammy! =) i will try these lippies too because they all seem so pretty! <3

  9. wow!!! now that's really pretty ;) ok Pammy, will send you my fave kanebo lippy next because i think you deserve having it... anyway, no worries sweety ^_^ just sharing some of my stuffs naman :D

  10. WOW! these look very nice :) all the shades are lovely.

  11. LishyWishy, so true. That's why I was not a huge fan of lipstick even way back then because I thought they were drying. But I'm glad that there are moisturizing lippies nowadays. :P

    Royan, me too! Two reasons why I want to go to Japan - sakuras in bloom and makeup!!! :P

    The Perpetrator, they put a lot of effort to make the packaging such eye candies. :P

    Crystal, oo nga eh. If only there are samples here without the snotty SA's. :P

  12. Sugar, you too! You will love Kanebo lippies if you like sheer and moisturizing lipsticks. :P

    Kat, you're such a sweetie! Thanks for these samples and other stuff. :P

    Sara H., lovely shades that are perfect for everyday look! Try 'em, you might like them! :P

  13. All the colors look lovely! I've never tried any Kanebo lippies but now I want to! haha. Great post, Pammy! :) -Dawn

  14. Dawn, you'll like these Kanebo lippies if you prefer sheer ones over pigmented and opaque lippies. :)

    Fashioneggplant, too cute to use up. :P

  15. haven't tried Kanebo actually but those lippies look gorgeous. thanks for the review!:)


  16. Iryn, maybe you can try something from Kanebo in the future? I actually love their foundation! :P

  17. cute samples! :D perfect for testing our all the shades! :)


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