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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Letter for Daddy

Dear Daddy,

It has been 11 years since I've last seen you smile at me. I miss those times when I feel that no matter what happens, I'll be safe in your arms. That everything will be alright because I know that you will always be there.

I miss your laugh, your dishes that always make me say "mmmm" because they taste so good. I'll never forget when summer just officially started and I was hanging out with my cousins then you called me and handed me a 3-inch thick biology book which you wanted me to study in advance. And school just ended. T'was ridiculous but I understood why. :)

I'll never ever forget how I used to sleep on your tummy when I was still a toddler. How I miss those times when you sing to me "And I love You So" when you put me to sleep when I was a kid. God, I hated Sam Milby because I felt he ruined the song. :P And how you smiled and laughed when I asked you to marry me when I was 5.

Life has never been the same without you. It has been a little over a decade, yet, I still sometimes wish I can go back to those times when you're still with me and mom. But one thing will always remain the same, I am still your girl - a daddy's girl.

Today marked the 11th year since you passed away and please always remember that I'll give anything just to see you once again, to feel your warm hug and unconditional love again. I still sometimes cry myself to sleep holding your picture whenever I'm hurt or when I just simply miss you.

I wish someday, I can hear you say, "We did a good job raising you" and I can see you play with your grandchildren. But I can only wish.

I'll see you someday and when that day comes, I wonder if you'd recognize me or if you'll even remember that I am your daughter. And if you do, I'll forever be happy. It would be nice if I would also transform to the little girl you used to carry in your arms. :)

I love you, Daddy. And I miss you so much.

Your girl :)


  1. wokei pammy you made me cry this time. i can so feel you. i always feel that fathers were always underestimated coz wr always too focused on our moms.. but then when i saw the Sam Milby, lol that's hilarious! true that!! ruined to the core lol!

    Maybe our dads are having coffee together in heaven..sharing good thoughts about their daughters ..eherm :)) tc love

  2. Geishcharles, sorry if I made you cry, dear. :D I agree that dads don't always get the recognition they deserve. :(

    I swear I was so mad when I heard his rendition but I can't do anything about it but just feel that he ruined it. :P

    Yeah, maybe they are smiling down at us as they're having coffee and having a little chit chat. What a nice thought. :)

  3. awwww pammy.. :(
    i don't think there are right words to say when someone remembers the lost of a loved one and i can feel that you really love your dad. he knows that so don't worry. i also know your dad will always be proud of you because you will always be his little girl no matter what happens. <3

  4. Sugar, aaargh! I hate you! (Of course I don't mean it :P) You made me cry. Haha! Thanks, dear. :)

  5. pammy,

    this is so heart-wrenching c: it made me realize that I should always be grateful and appreciative that I still have my Dad. losing any member of the family is actually my greatest fear. i don't even want to imagine life without them.

  6. wait what did i just type? LOL!!! x)) i mean your dad will always be proud of you because you will always be his little girl. *daddy's girl talking to each other. ^o^

  7. Ems, you're so lucky to still have your dad around. Make him feel special and loved in every way you can. Same goes for everyone in your family. :)

    Sugar, I think you typed it right? Haha! :P

  8. ermmmm basta you know what i mean. ;) trying to write a review, tweeting, texting, commenting done all at the same time is bad haha! xD

    another hug for you pammy! <3

  9. Multitasking Sugar. Yeah, I know what you mean. Thank you! :)

  10. Thank you for sharing this beautiful letter Pammy!

    You brought tears to my eyes. Your Dad would be so proud! You are still his little girl....nothing will change that! I lost my Dad too, almost 2 years ago. I truly believe we will be reunited with our departed loved ones someday.

    Much love xx

  11. Hi Pammy!

    We share the same sentiment. My mother also passed away 11 years ago. Just like you, I'll give up everything just to have a minute with my Mama. I am very sure that your father is and will always be proud of you! :)

  12. Amelda, thank you. Sorry to hear bout your dad too. And I'm also sure that he's proud of you. I also believe that we'd all be together one day. :)

    Jes, oh my. 11 years seems like yesterday pa din. I;m also sure that your mom feels the same way about you and is so proud of her girl. :)

  13. huggss for pammy! :)
    I was so touched with this post, makes me wanna hug my dad. Lalo na knina, we had a fight. :/ he can't understand why I love blogging and what I get from it. :/

  14. Kat, go hug your daddy! If you don't, I'll go there and hug him. Haha! :P

  15. Pammy, this is really touching. My eyes were already watering. It's always hard living a life wishing people did not have to leave us for good, but the good memories we have of them will remind us of good things in life. :) I'm sure your dad is very proud of you and loves you very much wherever he may be :)

  16. Caby, that is so true. It sometimes feels like it's just a bad dream but then it's real. I hope he is, thank you. :)

  17. Pammy, I was really moved with this post :( Your dad is in a better place right now.. Surely, he is very proud of what you are right now.. I'm a daddy's girl too.. and I love my dad so much!

  18. Dara, thank you. Awww, it's so nice when I meet daddy's girls. You're so lucky to have each other. :)

  19. My tears started to fall when I read past the second paragraph... This is really touching. You're truly a daddy's girl.

  20. Hollie, sorry I made tears fall. :( But yeah, I really am a daddy's girl and I always will be. :)

  21. Pammy, I am not a daddy's girl but my love for my parents are just undescribable! My dad is super old na and I was just thinking (the start of this year) how I would react if I lose him, :( :( :( Super sad, gosh, your letter made me teary eyed!!! :( :( :( so touching, I am sure your dad read the letter you've written! *major hugs* mga crylaloo girls, GROUP HUGS!

  22. Nikki, I don't even want to think about what you've been thinking of. :( *group hug*

  23. oh my I had a load of tears while reading this, I myself is a daddy's girl, missed him terribly, its been 4 years didn't see him, I hear you :(

  24. J, *hugs* to a fellow daddy's girl. Pay him a visit one of these days. And let's meet up and talk about our dads. :)


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