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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Product Review: NYC Lip Slider Tinted Lip Balms

I'm betting all my makeup that you know by now how much I love tinted lip balms. That's why my heart leapt when Chantzy sent me a package full of NYC Lip Slider Tinted Lip Balms and was even more ecstatic when I finally got the package after more than a month of waiting. I easily found two favorites among the shades - Sugar Baby and Sugar Angel - and I will be reviewing those two.

Sugar Baby (left) and Sugar Angel (right)

I love these lip balms because they are moisturizing, not as sticky as MAC lipglasses, glossy, and best of all, non-waxy. They smell and taste sweet, sort of artificial, but nothing my nose and taste buds cannot tolerate. I can rely on these lip balms alone when I want just sheer color on my lips or I can use them in tandem with a lipstick for a more glossy finish. They do not dry out my lips and when I apply them before sleeping, I wake up with smoother and more supple lips.

People who are kind of OC won't find the packaging hygienic as you'll need to dip your finger on the tin to get some gloss. But that's where the use of lip brushes come in, that is if you're not too lazy to use a lip brush. It is sometimes difficult to slide off the cover especially when you are in a hurry. Oh, the packaging reminds me of ELF lip glosses in tins.

Overall, these are nice tinted lip balms to own but I can live without these. If only these were a bit more pigmented. However, I saw some of these being sold on and I bought a back up of Sugar Angel. It also sucks that these aren't locally available so you'd have to purchase these online. But hey, for just a few bucks (less than Php 100), these are pretty good. I'd give these lippies a 3.5/5. :)

Sugar Angel - a sheer coral shade that turns to a very pretty sheer coral pink hue on my lips. :) I imagine this is MAC TLC in Gentle Coral though this isn't anywhere close to that.

Sugar Baby - a lovely red shade gives my lips a sheer cherry red color.


Have you tried these lippies?

Happy Sunday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. The sugar baby color looks so pretty, i bet it looks great on you! The size seems to fit perfectly on a small pouch as well. I'm just wondering if i can pull off super sheer colors on my pigmented lips hehe:-)

  2. Pammy, I can't believe you love these jk lol. I did a previous review on two of the shades and they're so sticky. However, it was incredibly moisturizing and stays on the lips for a long time. And I love the cute packaging.

  3. Mina, I like Sugar Baby a lot because it gives my lips a very sheer berry tint. :P My lips aren't super pigmented on most days (on some they really are) and the tint shows naman though I think it will show as a clear gloss to those with really pigmented lips. :P

    Becky, I saw your review and found out you didn't like these and won't even recommend to a friend. Haha! I don't find this super sticky probably because I just dab it on my lips then spread it using my pinky. And I still think MAC lipglasses are the stickiest! :P

  4. I absolutely love them! I bought several backups of these from the Dollar Tree now that they are discontinued by NYC.

  5. I didn't know that you like tinted lip balms so much! Now gimme all your makeup. HAHAHAHA jk

    Anyway, the shades that you got are nice! I like the pinky-fuchsia one!:)

  6. Nikita, these are no discontinued? Noooo! Bummer! :(

    Aya, Sugar Baby, right? It's pretty though I love the coral one better. I'm a sucker for coral lippies. :P

  7. both colors are super pretty! i also want these pammy LOL! xD

  8. Sugar, I'll message you on Facebook. :P

  9. these two shades are really pretty! I didn't know that these are actually pigmented. Glad to know it works well for you.

  10. These look nice. I especially like the tin packaging. It looks cute.

  11. Hollie, they aren't actually that pigmented but I like how sheer the tint is. Hehe. :P

    Catmare, I'm not fond of the packaging naman. :P

  12. i like the cute tin packaging! sugar angel looks nice :D wish i we have NYC here too.

  13. Jennifer, we don't have NYC here too. :(

  14. i want Sugar Baby!..hmm but the packing is really unhygienic well you're right , i could use lip brush but im too lazy to do that ..:)) nice review ;)

  15. Glad you received it and like it a bit hehe

  16. J, I love Sugar Angel! :P Thanks again <3

  17. saw this in ebay too.
    i was hesitant to buy though.
    thanks for the swatches and review.
    i'm thinking of getting this once i'm done being broke. haha!

    followed you! so nice to be your 500th follower! :)

  18. Anna, I hope you'll like these in case you decide to finally buy some. :) That's cool! Thanks for being the 500th! Will check out your blog too. :)


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