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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cheap Find: Old Navy Small Purse

The cheapskate in me loves finding inexpensive goodies and I recently got this small Old Navy purse from for only 100 bucks (around $2.50)!!! I was looking for a small purse because most of my bags are medium-big and I needed something smaller.

One reason why I liked it is that it reminds me so much of a Ralph Lauren purse I had but sold and eventually, I had seller's remorse. So this one is perfect.

Side by side with my mobile phone. I like that it's small but enough to carry a few essentials.

What's your latest cheap find?

Happy Wednesday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. Nice! Inexpensive find nga! I would love to own similar sized pouch pero I don't think I can be able to use it, I lug a lot of stuff kasi!!!

    Wala pa akong inexpensive find for now, haven't shopped for quite some time!

  2. Nikki, I also wonder if I can fit in everything I'm used to bring with me when I go out. If not, then I guess I'll just use this as a pouch. Haha! :P

  3. Gosh Pammy! this is so cute. and I love the fact that it's inexpensive. I'm actually looking for a medium sized bag. I have been searching through ebay, but I couldn't find anything that I like which also fits in the 100-200 pesos price range.

  4. Hollie, you'll find one that fits the bill! ;)

  5. thats a great find and even better that you can fit all your stuff in it!

  6. Julie, true! I'll put this purse to the test later today. :P

  7. WHAAATTTT?!?!?! O.O This is only 100Php?!? Why can't I ever find good deals?


    Oh yeah.. I think this is a great and inexpensive find! Lucky you Pammy! <3

  8. Sugarpao, yeah, just a hundred bucks! :P

  9. that's a great find! i've been wanting a small black bag like that

  10. Amy, I'm sure you'll find a really nice small black purse soon. :p

  11. nice!im actually looking for a nice sling bag that is not too small nor too big for me..puro kasi bagahe ang bag ko sa kalalaki..hehe.dami ko na namiss sa blogosphere...super famished sa work..


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