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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Product Review: Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer

When it comes to a good under eye concealer, I am always on the look out since I still haven't found my holy grail. I have read a lot of good reviews about Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer but took months before finally purchasing one since I still have 4 concealers to use up. But after I saw someone rave about this concealer, I knew I had to get one and boy, I'm so glad I finally did. :)

The shade I got is Light 4-5 or Cream, which happens to be the same shade as my Dream Matte Powder.

What I like:
- The texture is really airy and fluffy, typical of mousse products. It blends well too.
- A little goes a long way and I mean it. A light dab of the finger is enough to get just the right amount of product for one under eye. Trust me, you wouldn't want to apply more than what you really need or layer it several times because 1. you really don't need to as it is very opaque and pigmented; 2. it covers really well; and 3. it will cake.
- It dries to a matte, powder finish so it saves me time by not having to use setting powder on my under eyes.
- The shade is a perfect match for my under eyes. The dark circles just magically disappear with just one light layer.
- Maybe it's just me but I notice that the lines are less visible when I use this. I think it fills the lines instead of settling on them. Does that make sense? :D
- Staying power is good. Lasts for at least 6 hours on me.
- Inexpensive as I got this for only Php 247 + shipping on eBay.
- 3g will surely last me a long time since I only need very little product for both eyes.
- No allergic reactions and such.
- Does not crease nor settle on fine lines especially if you apply just the right amount. Too much of it will result to creasing and settling though so keep in mind to use very little of it.
- Does not turn ashy on me like most concealers do.

What I don't like:
- Discontinued. Snap! Why do companies discontinue good products and replace them with substandard ones?
- Top layer tends to harden so you have to make sure the cap is shut tightly.

- Others may find the packaging a con since it is in a pot but I really don't mind since I sanitize my products anyway.

Overall rating: 4.75/5

Will I buy again? Sure! If I see this again somewhere. I thought of buying a backup but I figured that it just might expire since I'm pretty certain this will last me a really long time. I just hope I can find something as good as this in the future.


Applied on one eye.

Have you tried this concealer?

I hope you all had a great weekend! :)


  1. pammy let me know what are the concealers that are good ha... :3 i actually don't use concealers hehe. >.<" i'm pretty bad with concealing flaws i think. :/

  2. Great review, Pammy. I don't use concealers much except for undereyes sometimes so I do keep a look out on good products. Sorry to hear that it got discontinued. I hate it when they do that! Cheers! :) -Dawn

  3. @sugar sugar Out of the concealers I have at the moment, this is my fave. It used to be Laura Mercier Secret Concealer (not the duo) that I have yet to review but this works so much better. :)

  4. @PEACHY PINK SISTERS I keep wondering why cosmetics companies do that. Haha! Yeah, I use concealers on my under eyes. If I have spots on my face, I normally don't try to cover them. :D

  5. Agree with you on the discontinuing thing. :/

    I've heard good things about this product! Thanks to eBay, we can still purchase discontinued products! Hihi

  6. @Aya Yeah, I hope it's available on eBay forever and ever and everrrrrr! :D

  7. This looks so much like the EB mousse concealer. :) I'll find this in eBay!

    Great review! :)

  8. @JesRoque Yup! I think EB got their mousse idea from Maybelline. I used the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation way back in 2005. :P

  9. i have to get my hands on this before it gets Discontinued!:(

  10. @Gie Oh no! It has already been discontinued. :( But I hope we can still find more of this. :)

  11. too bad they discontinued it, i really wanted to try concealing my under eye and your review makes me curious.. :(


  12. @readytobeextraordinary Yeah, it really sucks when companies do that. :( I wish you can find a good concealer for your under eyes. :)

  13. nice post!

    nakakainis when great products are discontinued...
    most companies keep on saying that they tend to improve their product but just end up ruining it naman..

    i'm not a concealer user but i think i really have to try this!

  14. it's discontinued here, but i saw it at the duty free and yt guru's still talk about this line ♥ order na lang online or head on down to the duty free ;-) our duty free

  15. great review Pammytweet! ;) i'm lemming of this one ever since... i'll try to look for one in ebay! :P

  16. I don't use concealers because I am perfect!


    I am too lazy to use concealer but if I do, major use talaga and kinacareer ko :)

    Glad this works for you, I am just not into these because they dry up so easily! I hope it doesn't happen to you anytime soon!

  17. pak! discontinued na pala ito =( sounds like a good product.. ubosin ko muna concealers ko before ill purchase another pot hehe

  18. @~tHiAmErE~ Agree! They just end up "murdering" the products most of the time, instead of making them better. :D

  19. @Marge Really? Layo naman kasi ng DF. eBay is my best bet na lang siguro in the future. :D But I read on makeupalley that it has been discontinued in the US too? :-\

  20. @Askmewhats I hope so too. Under eyes lang kinakarir ko sa concealer. Keber na sa iba. :D

  21. @Shopcoholic (Khymm Lam) Natawa ako sa pak! Haha! Yeah, I hope they bring this back! :P

  22. i tend to shy away from Maybelline face products as i've had a very yucky feeling and unpleasant smelling try before. but it's nice to hear someone likes some! :)

    for me, i stick by Shu Uemura Mark Cealer - hands down holy grail.

  23. Michelle Phan uses liquid concealer and I think it works pretty well. :D Sayang discontinued na ito. Di ko pa natry. :(

  24. @MereMakeupManiac Oh dear, it must've been that bad for you to totally shy away from their face prods. :P I want to try that but I still have 5 to use up. Hehe. :D

  25. @Janinay Yeah, liquid concealers work though I like this sooo much better. :D Yeah, I hope there'll be more on eBay soon. :)

  26. Sounds great. I've never tried the concealer from this line but I love the foundie. =))

  27. looks like a great product, i can definitely tell the the difference. it's really affordable too!

  28. @Jackie That must be good then if you love it. :P

  29. @Nic Nic True! Really an inexpensive yet effective product when it comes to concealing dark circles. :)

  30. where did u buy this? I want one :(
    I want to ask something by the regarding the Maybelline Dream matte powder :p
    what shade did u use? I am nc30 eh.,
    and how did u find out that u are acidic? I really do not understand =p

  31. @Christine I got this on My shade is Cream or Light 4-5 on Dream Matte, which, I think might also work for you. When you're acidic, you'll notice that foundations get dark on you or they oxidize. Plus I also have hyper acidity.

  32. Is this better than the Skinfood salmon concealer?


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