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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Product Review: Stila Lip Glaze Stick in Orange

Imagine how easier and more hygienic it would be to apply lip glosses without having to dunk the applicators on the tube and apply them as lipsticks instead. Yeah, easier but could be gooey and messy, right? That's what I thought of when I first saw Stila Lip Glaze Sticks on eBay so even if the shades look nice and reviews are mostly positive, I couldn't bring myself to purchase one. But when I saw this being sold online for a really low price, I purchased it without hesitation. The shade I got is Orange just because I was on a coral kick when I got this (though I think I still am).

Why hello, Orange. I hope you won't be like the Annoying Orange on YT. :)

What I like:
- The shade is a very pretty and vibrant red-orange that can go on sheer or be layered to have a brighter pop of color. It instantly brightens the face.
- Glossy but non-sticky which is a huge ++++ for me.
- It has shimmers but are not too visible once on the lips.
- Lasts fairly long too for more than 3 hours.
- Non-drying.
- Unscented. I was hoping it'd smell just a bit like orange but it's cool.
- You have to sharpen it so I think it is pretty hygienic since the outer layer will be gone once sharpened.
- No allergic reaction.
- Pigmented so it can be worn on its own, which I normally do.
- Inexpensive. I got it for 150 bucks (around $3.50) + shipping.

What I don't like:
- You have to be very careful when putting the cap back on. It smudges if you're not too careful.
- You waste a lot of product when you sharpen it, think 5 uses worth of product.
- It melts when the weather is hot. I tried applying it once when it was pretty humid and the tip broke off and melted.
- I think this will be discontinued or has been discontinued since the last time I saw this on the Stila website, it was on clearance sale, stating that those are what they have of this product left.
- Once the tint and gloss are gone, you're left with glitters on the lips.
- It sometimes feel gritty because of the shimmers though that isn't the case all the time.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Will I buy again? No. The fact that a lot of product gets wasted just by sharpening it is enough reason for me not to.


On my lips

On me

Have you tried Stila Lip Glaze Sticks?

Happy Tuesday, super awesome peeps. Stay safe too. Felt the quake and too many bad things happened in different parts of the world lately. Let's all keep the faith and pray. :)



  1. Cool, I haven't seen a lipgloss in pencil form before! How do you sharpen this? Does this have a special sharpener or you can just use a regular one? I imagine that sharpening it would be a lil messy? :]

  2. @Aya You can use a regular cosmetic sharpener for chubby pencils though. I got mine from Watson's (one for regular-sized and another for chubby ones). :)

  3. You're on a roll with glosses :) Having a change of heart?

  4. love love the shade on you Pammytweet! ;) and yeah like the hygienic part but not the sharpening! :D Annoying Orange!!! he makes me relax most of the time :P

  5. looks great on you though!

    too bad that there are a lot of cons to this one...
    especially the one where it will only leave glitters..i hate that!

  6. @Rae Not quite. I still prefer my tinted lip balms over glosses. :P

  7. @ur_prettyprinces Thanks, Tweetykat. :) Annoying Orange used to make me laugh a lot til I no longer find the newer videos funny. :-\

  8. @~tHiAmErE~ So true. I hate it when lippies do that. Thank God I never found glitters all over my face from this lippy. :)

  9. Pammy, visit my blog if you have time. I have something for you there~

  10. the heart swatch is cuttte! I like the color, in between coral and red, very pretty on you!

  11. ooohhhh pretty! :3 i was thinking orange tangerine and was wondering if pammycakes could pull it off and you exceeded my expectations haha!

    you're so lucky with OL buys pammy! :)

  12. btw pammy try putting this in the ref before you sharpen it. :p i forgot to mention it on my comment hehe.

  13. i think i saw this on AMW, as she is a Stila fanatic. it looks nice to explore with although i dunno, i lean towards doe-foot applicators. it looks fab though! great addition to your makeup arsenal. ;)

  14. Ang cute ng color! bright colored lipsticks look really good on you!!!

  15. @Crystal Yup. I like that it can be applied sheer though. :)

  16. @Pop Champagne Thank you. I like that it's not straight on orange. :P

  17. @sugar sugar Will do the tip, Sugarpaopao. :P I thought I couldn't pull this off too but I was surprised that I can. Haha! :)

  18. @MereMakeupManiac I know Nikki loves Stila so I'll look for her post. :P Yeah, we have our own comfort zones even with makeup. :P

  19. @Askmewhats Now all I need is the courage to go out wearing bright colors. :P

  20. Hey
    I love your posts, and your blog. I put you on my reading list, but just wanted to tell you that I'm doing a give away.

    please participate if you are interested.

  21. The shade is very pretty on you.

    I would imagine how much product would be wasted! Could you melt all of the product into a jar/pot and use it like that instead?

  22. the shade is really pretty. too bad it has a lot of cons. and I also don't like that it melts, it will prolly stain other products on your makeup bag.

  23. @PopBlush Thank you. :)

    Haven't thought of doing that. I would have to sharpen the entire pencil to be able to put everything in a pot. :(

  24. @Hollie True! Especially that the cap has the tendency to get loose. Not yet but I predict it will. Soon. :D

  25. Love the pencil, but have just pansied out at the thought of using orange since i discovered it.
    Will definitely try it soon!

    xo from aus,

  26. @Maggie Oh, orange is so pretty once you find the perfect shade that complements your skin tone. Was scared with the color before. :)

  27. I've never tried them before, but they seem really great except for the sharpening part which waste the product.

    It's a really pretty color too!

  28. @EveryDay Makeup blog I think this shade will look good on you. :) True, so sad that sharpening makes you waste a lot of product.

  29. awww tempting!!! i love the heart swatch.. sweet! and IT LOOKS GREAT ON YOU!!! =))))

  30. btw, ms.pammy.. i'm not sure if i tweeted already-- you've got some blog awards! =*

  31. @Diane Thank you! Oh, I'll check it out, super thanks for the awards. xo :)

  32. Hello! You should try Stila Long Wear Liquid Lip Color! :) It's the best!

  33. What a pretty orange lippie! I love your lip swatch, thanks.

  34. Aww juicy pout! :) The formula looks really smooth and glossy, think I'm gonna check it out!

    New follower here :p


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