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Monday, July 4, 2011

Product Review: Stila Cotouring Trio

I have tried a few bronzers and mainly used them to contour the cheekbones and make it appear more defined. But I wanted something matte because most of what's locally available have shimmers and it won't look natural if shimmers are obvious on areas that have been contoured. So I was really thrilled when I saw this product for sale - the Stila Contouring Trio - because it has a matte contouring powder. I have used it several times enough to give it a review.

It has 3 shades - Light, Dark, and Flash

It lights up when opened.

What I like:
- It has a mirror. :D
- It has three shades - Dark for contouring; Light for highlighting; and Flash as a shimmery highlighter (I guess)
- A bit powdery but nonetheless easy to blend.
- Unscented.
- The light powder, when applied just right above dark, accentuates and highlights the contoured area even more.
- Dark is a matte brown shade that is quite pigmented. But you have to be extra careful because if too much is applied, it has the tendency to have a bit of orange in it.
- Looks natural if the right amount is applied.
- Does not break me out and neither does it cause any allergic reaction.
- Staying power is acceptable, lasts for about 4 hours or so on my combi-oily skin.
- Has a shelf life of 24 months or two years.
- Locally available at Rustan's, I think.

What I don't like:
- The light annoys me so I used a sticky tape to keep it from lighting up.
- I don't get to use Flash. The palette could've gotten away without it. Just me, though.
- The packaging is bulky and takes a lot of space in my train case. Plus it is made of cardboard, though sturdy. But still...

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Will I buy again? Yes, unless I find a matte bronzer that is great for contouring and won't turn orange on me.

Tip: There is a video on YouTube with a Stila makeup artist demonstrating how to use this palette. You may want to check it out because I think it works even on other contouring and highlighting products.


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Have you tried this product?

Happy Monday evening, super awesome peeps. Have a great week ahead of you. :)


  1. looks nice!
    i'm pretty it's handy on a night out but then i don't think you would want to do contouring if you will just dance the night away,ne?

    love how natural it looks on you!

  2. @~tHiAmErE~ Thank you, dear. But I don't want to bring it along since packaging is made of cardboard. Haha!

  3. It looks cute but I am not liking the cardboard packaging and the lights.

  4. me likey this palette, i will use it for highlight/contouring and blush maybe? :D

  5. very pretty! :)

    i don't really know how to contour and just use my bronzer for contouring hihi! :p been lemming for the P&J bronzer but they don't have a tester for it yet so I haven't bought it.

    Pammycakes, why you no like shimmery sparkly lights? :p LOL!

  6. I think the packaging is cute. But the lights seem kind of annoying nga. I like it on you, looks really natural. :)

  7. yes! I've tried and loved this product :) Same as you the mirror and lights doesn't do anything for me! I'd rather NOT have them!

  8. Ang cute nung umiilaw. Hahaha pero as if naman may magagawa 'yung ilaw pag madilim at gusto mo mag-contour. Hahahaha

  9. nice post! :)
    find me at
    and also on >FACEBOOK!!

    see you there! :)

  10. @aMz88 Yup! Maybe Flash can be used as a neutral blush too? :P

  11. @sugar sugar I was looking for P&J at SM Makati and I couldn't find it. I just know it's at the cosmetics section. Haha! Go get it! :P

  12. @Catmare Yeah, I find it really annoying. It lights up every time I open it even if it's day time. Thank you. :P

  13. @Askmewhats Agree! They could've saved us a few bucks if the mirror and lights aren't there. :D

  14. @Aya Haha! I tried it with the lights off and the mirror and lights freaked me out, somewhat reminded me of a particular horror flick. :P

  15. Pretty! Contouring is another skill I have yet to learn.

  16. @Jackie Keep practicing, you'll eventually get the hang of it. :) My contouring before was tabingi. :P

  17. gawgus shades sis! perfect everyday palette!

  18. hi thanks to follow in my blog pammy. I am glad and added you too as your followers. Nice to know that your Filipina. honestly your my first followers and readers Hope I can find a friend in here.. nice to meet you...TC. Arceli :-)

  19. looks great on you ;-) Stila products are love ^_^


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