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Monday, August 22, 2011

Pink Color Instant Cracking Nail Polish from Born Pretty

Howdy? Here's another quick post. I was supposed to review a blush but decided to post something else instead just because. A couple of weeks ago, I received a Cracking Nail Polish from Born Pretty and it took me a while to figure out how to make cracking polishes work. Sorry, I'm not into nail art and polishes as I don't have the incredible talent that other girls have and you already know who these fab ladies are. :P Anyway, please bear with the application and how it looks. I don't even have a clear polish or a top coat.

It's a pretty pink shade that isn't too bold or bright. I was just surprised at how quickly it dries but I guess that's a good thing because you don't have to blow air on your fingers or put your hands right across a fan just for the polish to dry. I had trouble on my first few attempts but I was able to finally get it right. I later on realized that it was in fact easy to use and looks really nice. I've had it for a few days now and what's great is that even if the tip starts chipping off, it won't be too obvious because of the style.

Here's my weak attempt in using a cracking polish. But the good thing is that it cracks so the mistakes won't be too obvious. :P

Overall a really nice and pretty polish. I am not a nail polish person but I like how it looks. You can buy this polish and other nail art tools as well as makeup from Born Pretty Store Anyway, I hope I can do better next time and maybe that one will look better.
Have a great week, you guys. :)

Disclaimer: Product received for review and PR consideration but does not in any way affect my views on the product.

P.S. Thank you Jayce, for letting me try this product. :)

Coming up: Bourjois Blush in Rose Frisson


  1. I love the shade!!! So pink but not like "blinding" pink. Haha. And so true about crack polishes. It's not that obvious when you mess up :D

  2. I love the combination of frost and matte. Great post pammy.

  3. @Aya Haha! I'm still not used to wearing this but it's kinda awkward yet funny when people take a second look at my nails because they don't look "normal" because of the cracks. :P They could be thinking that this poor girl can't even afford to get a proper mani. :D

  4. @Rae I don't. I unconsciously scratch my face when I'm asleep so I try to keep 'em short all the time. Haha!

  5. The color is pretty but I'm not a fan of crackle nail polish - I must admit I have never tried them for myself though but I'm really not interested, I don't know why.

  6. I love color!!!the color is pretty!!guess "cracking" nail polish is really heatin' up!!..look great on your nails!! gonna check out the site..hehe..thanks for the review =)

  7. Thanks for doing this post coz I honestly don't know how cracking nail polishes work lol. And this is such a pretty pink/coral color. It's bright and fun!

  8. @G A B Y I think I understand why you're not a fan. :)

  9. @Anastacia Park I honestly don't know if it cracks well since it's the very first time I tried a cracking polish. Hehe. But it easily cracks. :D

  10. @Janet Hehe. They are definitely heating up in the market. :)

  11. @EveryDay Makeup blog Haha! I was like dumbfounded when I saw how it cracks on its own. :D

  12. this is such a pretty shade pammy! i think you did a good job at it naman. :P

    you should see my nails. they look like mortal weapons and i'm too lazy to do anything with them hehehe.

  13. haha! tsugar made me laugh again!
    i am not so fond of polishes, especially nail art! ugggh
    but for the sake of fashion and beauty~i do it once in a while..
    i'm too lazy for that and i am not so creative,..
    so for instant nail art thingy~i would love to try this crackle polish!

  14. @sugar sugar Haha! That's why I keep my nails short. I think it takes a bit more effort to maintain long nails. :P

  15. @Diane True, her mortal weapon nails made me laugh too. :P

    Agree, I'm not into polishes either, my hands are not steady. Plus, I'm lazy to apply polish and lack the creativity and PATIENCE needed to come up with nail art designs. :)


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