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Monday, August 8, 2011

Product Review: Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats in 05 Rose Plein Vent

After 4 months of being unable to use this blush I purchased last January, I was able to finally muster up all the courage I can get to use it last May. Yes, it remained unused and untouched for a good 4 months as I didn't have the heart to ruin the design and get all the 4 colours mixed together. But I knew at one point that I have to use it so I finally did and here's my review. :)

The shade is 05 Rose Plein Vent and as you can see, this blush compact contains 9g of gorgeousness in a pan.

What I like:
- It has 4 shades in the pan so you can sort of customize the outcome of the blush on your cheeks. If I want to use them individually, I use my MAC 188 because the bristles are small enough to fit each portion. 
- When swirled altogether, it's a golden peach-pink shade that is very sublime. Simply gorgeous!
- The packaging is divine and eye-catching because of the "gold" compact. Very regal.
- Texture is incredibly amazing. Extremely soft and buttery, very finely milled.
- Has very fine shimmers that give the cheeks a nice glow.
- Staying power is considerably decent - at least 4 hours on my cheeks (shorter on really hot days though).
- Does not cause me to break out nor has it caused any allergic reaction.
- The brush that comes with it is useful and quite soft.
- Comes with a protective pouch that protects the compact from accumulating a lot of dust.
- Locally available at Rustan's.

What I don't like:
- The compact is a fingerprint and dust magnet and needs cleaning every once in a while so it won't look repulsive.
- The scent is overwhelming! I've always had this problem with Guerlain products.
- Expensive at Php 2450 but I got this during the holiday sale January this year and paid Php 1960 instead after slashing 20% off the retail price.
- Oxidizes a bit on me when I use certain foundations which is a real bummer. :(

Overall rating: 4/5

Will I buy again? No, as I'm sure this will definitely last me a really long time and the scent is just more than what my sense of smell can take. But if they make Serie Noire permanent or release something that looks like it or hopefully something prettier, I would probably buy another blush from Guerlain. :)

A closer look


Have you tried Guerlain blushes? How's the scent? :P

Have a great week, everyone. Happy Monday! :)


Coming up: MAC 188 Brush Review


  1. thats how I am with things that look pretty and I dont want to ruin them, so it ends up just sitting there on my drawer just looking... pretty. lol the color is pretty, havent seen that brand here locally though. :\

  2. Ohhh that's really pretty! I think I'm starting to love blushes a whole lot more.

  3. what else can i say... pretty!!! i don't have any blush from Guerlain yet... hoping i can try one soon! ;)

  4. Love the color and the texture really does look super smooth. I think compact blushes in one pan like this would be great for traveling!

  5. I am similar to you - I keep some products unused so I don't ruin the beautiful design! Hehe

    I haven't tried any Guerlain blushes but this is gorgeous~ I want it!! XD

  6. Wow, it looks so pretty, the colors seem to really complement each others. Great swatches!

  7. @Bubbly Mochi It feels such a shame to have to ruin pretty things but we have to use it at one point. Otherwise, it'll just expire on us. Hehe.

  8. @HEART KRiSTEL Me too! Blushes are just so pretty to look at! :)

  9. @Jamilla Camel Guerlain blushes are gorgeous from packaging to the product itself. :)

  10. @ur_prettyprinces Hehe. Go try one soon! When you go to Manila for your birthday shopping! :P

  11. @FifiAgree. It's like bringing four blushes altogether in just one handy compact. :)

  12. @PopBlush Oh, go try Guerlain blushes! You might like 'em if you're not too sensitive towards scented products. :)

  13. @G A B Y I agree. The colors really go well together. :P

  14. it's very pretty. i love the colors. too bad about the scent. =))

  15. my gaaadd sis, another beautiful blush for your collection! Me want one! hehe

  16. The blush is so pretty. I'd have to check this out when I go to the mall.

  17. @Janet Please do. You might end up liking it and going home with it. :)

  18. Pinks really suit you Pammy! This pan holds great colors but is a bit on the pricey side so i might never get my hands on this one :)

    i know how keen your nose gets with guerlain stuff ;)

  19. I've never tried any of their products because it's too expensive for my budget lol. But I do understand why you waited this long to finally use it. It's too freakin adorable lol.

    I like the slight sheen it has...soo pretty :)

  20. @herroyalbleakness I know na. Wait for Lux Asia Sales where you can score Guerlain items for less. :D

  21. @EveryDay Makeup blog Agree. It's so nice just staring at it because it's really pretty. :)

  22. Guerlain lippies are quite expensive, I’m hoping they offer refills :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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