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Monday, August 15, 2011

Some Kinda Birthday FOTD

Hello again. I hope you're all having a great start of the week. I'm having a good one so far and as the title suggests, I am a year older again. I celebrated it with a couple of friends and family, of course and I am so thankful for another year, another chapter in my life. Anyway, I would like to share my FOTD (or rather a half FOTD) for the day when I went out earlier. Well, there isn't anything special with this FOTD since I wear pretty much the same look everyday but I thought I'd just share anyway.

I really like this shot. Too bad it's blurred. Don't you just hate it when your favorite picture in the bunch is blurry? Happens all the time. :D

A clearer shot

Products I used:
- Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel
- YSL Matt Touch Oil Free Foundation
- Laura Mercier Secret Concealer
- Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
- Revlon Brow Fantasy Brunette
- Maybelline Gel Liner
- Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
- Shu Uemura Glow On P Pink 30
- Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Pomegranate
- Guerlain Kiss Kiss Stick Gloss in Corail Des Mers

Have a great week, everyone! :)

P.S. Thank you for all the greetings earlier on Facebook and Twitter. :)

Coming up: Becca Bodouir Mineral Powder Foundation Review


  1. LOL yah, it happens to me all the time! kainis nuh! pero keri parin pammycakes litaw pa rin~flawless beauty mo!
    muah muah muah!
    i like your guerlain lippie, fab fab fab evah!
    YSL matt touch oil free foundie~ i like din!

    Happy BIRTHDAY !!!!
    God Bless!!

  2. I wanna do a natural look for FOTD din but dont know where to start. Love your FOTD. Happy Birthday

  3. Happy Birthday! and very natural looking gorgeous face of the day <3

  4. Happy birthday babe~ I hope you had a lovely day~

    I love the lipstick on you~

  5. i know!
    that happens most of the time!
    the best picture of the bunch would always be the fuzzy

    you look gorgeous,hun!

    hindi na kita babatiin dahil kanina pa kita binabati mula sa fb hanggang sa twitter

  6. Love your FOTD ;) and Happy birthday sweetie! ;)

  7. Belated happy birthday Pammy! Apologies if I wasn't able to greet you on your birthday proper. Stay awesome! :)

  8. LOL, akala ko midnight na. My birthday greeting still counts valid!! Happy birthday! :)

  9. happy birthday!! God Bless!!
    you look so pretty!!!

  10. Happy Birthday! I love this look, pang-birthday talaga.

    One day I'm gonna have my first FOTD too. But I'm more skin care than a makeup person :P Let's see--maybe on my birthday :D

  11. Happy Birthday babe! I envy your flawless clear skin! Sooo Pretty! That gloss looks perfect on you. =)

  12. happy birthday and hope you had a great one :)

  13. what are those round beads that look like guerlain meteorites? :D

    YUM MOMENTS post please!!!! <3

    you look extra pretty on your birthday FOTD pammycakes! belated happy birthday nyahahaha! there, i greeted you in advance, during and after nyikeeee!!! <3

  14. @Diane Thank you, dear. YSL Matt Touch is ♡♡♡! :)Happy Birthday to us again! :)

  15. @Sweethestia Hmmm.. Maybe you can start by keeping everything to a minimum? I'm not good in giving advice when it comes to makeup look. But I guess the "less-is-more" saying is applicable here. Thank you, dear. :)

  16. @~tHiAmErE~ Kaasar when that happens no? Haha! Super thanks sa madaming bati. See you soon! :P

    @CHARRY Thank you, dear. :)

    @Donna Thanks a lot, dearie. :)

  17. @Madz Haha! You definitely made it. Thank you, dear. :)

    @nisa Thank you, dear. :)

    @Rae Looking forward to that FOTD of yours. Thanks, sweetie. :)

  18. @Genn Thanks, sweetie. :)

    @PEACHY PINK SISTERS Thank you, dearies. :)

    @Pop Champagne Sure did. Thanks, sweetie. :)

    @sugar sugar I have no idea, Sugarpaopao. But they could very well be meteorites or let's just call 'em glow balls. :P

    Oo nga eh, hehe. Super thanks! See you soon! :P

  19. belated happy birthday pammy hugs and kisses.ive been meaning to try that ysl primer kaso i stopped muna sa primers napagod na ako kakahanap haha

  20. @Camille(SHOBE) Thank you, Shobe. :) I haven't tried their primers yet pero tamad naman ako to use one. :D

  21. happy birthday, :-) the make up is really good on you so natural but pretty...

  22. like the new layout! Happy Birthday pretty Pammyyyy!!! God Bless ya:))

  23. Looking gorgeous as always... Happy Birthday!

  24. super gorgeous fotd! happy birthday fellow Leo :) mine is coming up in a few days as well

  25. I really like your lips~

    pretty birthday girl :)

  26. wow, belated happy birthday sis! i pray that the Almighty God will continually guide and bless your ways. ^_^

    you look fresh and radiant! love your blush, looks very natural but blushing indeed! are you really naturally wavy haired? :)

  27. Happy Birthday Pam!!!

    Your skin is flawless. I envy you. ha ha !!!!

    Enjoy your special day sis! <3

  28. @amynaree Thank you, sweetie. Happy birthday to us! :P

  29. @MereMakeupManiac Thank you, super. :)

    My hair is naturally wavy but I have my hair permed since 2009. :)

  30. hmp.also hate blurred shots, happy birthday sis!

  31. hey hey heypeebeertdey! you look lovely sis!

  32. @Belle Thank you, dear. :)

    @Bubbly Mochi Thanks, sweetie. :)

    @Hollie Thank you, Hollie dear. :)

  33. Happy Birthday Pammy! You look so pretty and glowy and yeah, I hate it when my photos come out blurry :(

    Are you going to post all the food you guys ate?

  34. @EveryDay Makeup blog Thank you, Becky! :)

    I wish I could but I forgot to take pics of the foodies so no food porn. :(

  35. You look gorgeous! Belated happy birthday. :)

  36. Gorgeous FOTD Pammycakes! :) Hope to see you guys real soon!

  37. I hope you had a beautiful birthday! You look glowing in this photo, dear :D


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