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Friday, August 19, 2011

Product Review: Becca Cosmetics Boudoir Skin Mineral Powder Foundation

I already found my favorite powder foundation in Kanebo Coffret D'Or but I couldn't keep myself from trying others especially when I see a great deal online. And when I spotted Becca Cosmetics Boudoir Skin Mineral Powder Foundation being sold, I immediately purchased it. I was kind of on the fence with this product due it its being mineral (I broke out with mineral makeup) but I just couldn't resist and it was calling my name. And after using it for a while, here's the much-delayed review of this product.

Shade I got is Bloom which is a perfect match for my skin tone.

Product Description from Becca Cosmetics website:

Create your fantasy skin with BECCA Mineral Powder Foundation. BECCA Boudoir Skin Mineral Powder Foundation with pure mineral pigments is designed for a silky, sheer, weightless finish to suit all ages and skin types, including those with sensitive or acne prone skin. With adjustable, natural looking coverage, this water-resistant mineral marvel is both easy-to-apply and long wearing. Buff some on for sensual, luminous colour that stays put all day; even wear it to bed to mimic smooth, perfect skin around the clock.

For Key Attributes, Artist's Tips, and Ingredients List, click HERE.

What I like:
- The small, rubberized compact resembling a UFO is really sleek and I find it cute plus it has a mirror that comes in handy.
- The texture is nice but not as amazing as Japanese foundations, in my opinion.
- Bloom, which is the shade I have, perfectly matches my skin tone and undertone.
- Provides light coverage that can be built up to medium and full.
- Does not have an annoying scent.
- I like how it helps even out my skin tone. If layered, it can cover minor blemishes and light sun spots or freckles.
- Finish is matte but not flat.
- Even though it isn't as silky and finely milled as Kanebo, I like that it isn't chalky or ashy.
- It does not oxidize on me.
- Has not caused me to break out.
- There are 7 shades to choose from. Not too many and confusing and not very limited either.
- Locally available at Adora in Greenbelt.

What I don't like:
- Does not do much for oil control. I need to touch up in an hour or two.
- Not as long lasting as other powder foundations. It is gone after four hours if no touch up was done.
- Initially made me itchy but I guess my skin adjusted to it.
- Only has a shelf life of 6 months which led me to think and ask why it's that short. Aren't minerals supposed to last for a really, really, really, really long time? I guess that applies to "pure" mineral makeup.
- Only contains 7g and it is pricey for Php 1950 which is the SRP at Adora. (Lucky I got mine for less. *wink*)

Overall rating: 3/5

Will I buy again? No. I should stay loyal to Kanebo. :)

Have you tried this product from Becca Cosmetics?

TGIF! Have a great weekend, guys and gals. :)

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  1. You're on a foundation spree, pammycakes! Nice, detailed review. Reinforces plus points on Coffret D'Or though. I kinda think of prestige when I saw Budoir Skin's packaging... hmmm...

  2. @herroyalbleakness Good point, only the one from Prestige is transparent (nga ba?). Speaking of Prestige, I want to try their foundation since it's only 500 bucks. Yun lang, ang Gandang Bareta. :-\

  3. @Jamilla Camel Without a doubt. Kanebo is ♡. I absolutely adore it. :)

  4. The packaging reminded me of captain america's shield pre-painting :P

    Pero mukha nga syang UFO.

    The cons makes P1950 not worth it. :) Thanks for the review

  5. I'm excited for the next post!!! wala lang haha :>

  6. Buti kapa, nakita mo siya. Me i'm having a hard time because i have this super oily skin. Super love ko talaga yung mga reviews mo. Super detailed. Just add you on my favorite bloggers list. ♥♥♥

  7. I'm excited to try Kanebo, because of all your posts dito tsaka sa GT :) Kaso ngayon wala pang dent man lang yun Shu FA ko tsaka Chanel VA.

  8. whoa!
    1,950 for only 6 months use?!
    no way!
    but i have to say that the packaging is so cute!

    but a matte but not flat finish...
    i wanna see that!

  9. I've never tried anything from Kanebo because, when I looked at the shades they had, most of it are lighter. and I'm morena-ish.

    Too bad this isn't so good, it feels like you've just wasted your 1950 for nothing. hahayz.

  10. @Rae Now that you mentioned it, it does look like his shield. :P

    Yeah, good thing I didn't buy it from the store.

  11. @Sweethestia Super thank you, dear. Maybe you can start with an oil control moisturizer or a water-based moisturizer or a primer? :)

  12. @KrysYou made me miss Chanel VA. Haha! Yeah, it's hard to make a dent with foundies. Kanebo is really nice, I hope you get to try it soon. :)

  13. @~tHiAmErE~ Yeah! I might as well add 50 bucks for my beloved Kanebo. But I don't usually follow indicated shelf life on products especially powders. As long as it doesn't smell, feel, and look funny and as long as it does not cause me to break out, I still use it. But not if it's beyond 3 years. :)

  14. @Hollie That is true especially with Japanese brands. Most of them are light-fair skinned, I guess that's why their shades are mostly light. So sad that you couldn't try it. :(

    Yep, I'm just so glad I didn't have to pay 1950 bucks for it. Otherwise, baka naiyak na ako sa inis. :D

  15. I like this very informative review hun. I like powders that even out my skin and are semi matte without being flat. The packaging is so unique - it really does remind me of a UFO! haha

    You are making me want to try out the Kanebo powder!

  16. Becca brand is sure is pricey! I've heard much of their blushes in tubes, maganda daw kaso mahal din... Haha!

    Good thing you're sharing with us your disappointments about this. Warning na to. And ofcourse i'm not ready to shell out that much money on a foundation. Haha. Okay na ako sa BB Creams. :))


  17. hongaa.. 6 months is so short of a life span for minerals.. but even for traditional make-up, 6 months is just too short.. but i like the packaging.. it's cute. buti di umiilaw. :)

    thanks for the review, pammy! :)

  18. @PopBlush Do try it, it works very well with Asian skin. :)

  19. @Myrted Ooh, the Beach Tints! I have my eyes set on one of those! Let's! :P

    I'm using BB cream nga most of the time eh, especially on lazy days. :)

  20. @Karla Michelle Maybe it's just a marketing strategy. I can't use the same powder foundation for a long time because of the weather and skin din, paiba-iba. Natawa ako sa ilaw. Haha! Buti nga hindi. :P

  21. Ahh I've always wanted to try Becca products but I always never go through with it when it's in my basket (shopping online) lol. Thanks for the review on this!!

  22. i want to finish up some of my foundie, then i'll try these becca's hihi..
    becca, i like the packaging! pricey lang kainis =(

  23. i've always wanted to try becca! i'll pass up on this specific product though LOL! :)
    6 mos for a compact..?!? LOL! goodluck pammy! :P

  24. @Diane I honestly don't think this is worth the price tag as there are definitely other powder foundies that are so much better. But I really hope you'll like it when you try it. :)

  25. @sugar sugar Haha! Super good luck talaga! Let's try the Becca Beach Tints! :P

  26. My favorite way to use this is over a tinted moisturizer, it gives me a little extra coverage and still looks natural.

  27. thanks for the review sis!

    i wonder what shade should i get.. do you know your shade in MAC sis? i can wear NC30 although MAC SF oxidizes on me.

  28. I know I'm pretty late but I was wondering if you remembered how long the itching lasted before it went away? I wanted to try this but some minerals make me itchy but it if subsided maybe I will try...hmm.

  29. yuhoo pammycakes! do you still have this? :P when is the 6th month of the product? LOL!

  30. I have been using BECCA Boudoir Skin for almost a year now and adore it. For those questioning the shelf life it is pretty irrelevant - I use this compact every day and have found it lasts no longer than 4-5 months. I personally find that pretty impressive for a powder foundation considering the coverage it gives. In terms of itch this doesn't sound normal. This product is suitable for sensitive skins and even recommended to those with roseacea so itching is surprising. I'm disappointed how many people are put off because of this one review. Give it a go - its totally worth it!

    1. What works for one may not work for another and what does not work for one may work for another - that is the case here. We have different levels of skin sensitivity and it is disappointing that this caused me to itch. So don't be surprised if a product you adore isn't adored by someone who had a negative reaction from it. :)


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