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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Product Review: Guerlain KissKiss Stick Gloss in Corail Des Mers

I have been meaning to post this since last Sunday but I was down with the flu (darn virus and still sick up to now) so I have a lot of catching up to do on my posts though that would have to wait because I'm experiencing vertigo every once in a while. Yeah, my world has been spinning literally. :P I have bought a few stuff so I have a lot of review coming up soon.

Anyway, I'm in a coral-pink kick lately and anything of that shade makes my heart skip a beat. Of course, I'm exaggerating on the heart skipping a beat part but yeah, that's how much I love the shade. I'm reviewing one of the products I got from The Big Outlet Sale/Lux Asia Sale last 15 April and that is the Guerlain KissKiss Stick Gloss in 902 Corail Des Mers.

What I like:
- Let me start again with the packaging. It is housed in a very luxurious and elegant looking metal (or tin?) tube. It looks divine!
- The scent isn't as strong as the KissKiss Baby Nourishing Lip Balm in Cherry Summer.
- Texture is glossy, somewhat like that of a tinted lip balm. It is definitely not waxy and it applies smoothly on the lips.s
- The shade, Corail des Mers, looks coral on the tube but on my lips, it turns to a very pretty coral-pink shade.
- Does not dry out my lips.
- Goes on sheer on the lips but intensity of the color is build-able in my opinion.
- I got this on sale for Php 500 instead of the usual mall price, which I am not interested to know.
- Lasts for about 2-3 hours without drinking or eating but leaves a nice sheer tint on the lips.

What I don't like:
- This shade is limited edition so I would have to keep myself from constantly using it so I won't easily run out of it.
- It's easy to run out of it. It takes 2-4 swipes just to get a nice pop of color on the lips (that is if you want it to show up a bit more pigmented)
- No SPF for SPF freaks.

Overall rating: 4.25/5

Will I buy again? When I get the chance to and if it is on sale.


Have you tried this lippy? What's your fave from Guerlain?

Happy Thursday, super awesome peeps!


  1. Pammycakes! This is a pretty coral lippie!

    I hope you get back on your feet from the flu. Hay, our weather! (and our equally frustrating meteorologists--- what a tandem to make our heads ache nga naman!)

    Uy, do you need something from duty free? i might drop by on the 7th xguro. Just lemme know if you need something from DF so that i can buy for you.

  2. Argie, I miss you! :P Yeah, our weather sucks BIG time! And those guys don't help either. But everything's messed up, I guess.

    Weee! I'll let you know asap! I have to think hard. Thank you. :P

  3. I have this one too, it's really pretty, I tend to gravitate towards all the lovely sheer glossy lipsticks :)

  4. hope you're better now. the lipstick looks pretty!

  5. Oh wow that is a lovely coral listick!! :x

    I'm moving to manila next week and I'm excited sa mga sales! :O

    Sis, where do you get the updates? xD

  6. I don't own any Guerlain products yet. So hard to invest on makeup when you're still a student. :( I love this shade so much though! :)

  7. oh my lawdie! its so pretty! i havent tried kiss kiss stick gloss Pammy! i love that you got it on sale! *envies* hahaha

    Guerlain lip products are very nice to use, they dont make my lips dry and it lasts a while. <3

  8. I soooo love the shade sis! it's really pweti!

  9. Jade, me too. Not a huge fan of opaque/pigmented lipsticks. :)

    Debi, thank you. :P Yeah, that's why I'm making tipid since I might not find one like it again. :)

    Keesh, I only get updated through girltalk as there is a thread na "where's the makeup sale?". Weee! Shopping for you! :P

    Nika, not when the items are on sale. This one's just about the price, or even less than Revlon Colorburst lipstick for only 500 bucks. :P

    Michelle, me too! :P

    G, you gotta try it if you are a fan of sheer and glossy lippies. You'll like it if that's the case. Agree, this doesn't dry out my lips either. :P

    Hollie, true true! :P

  10. *is inggit with the pretty lippie shade & packaging. :(

    anyway, i hope you feel better soon pammy! :)

  11. Sugarpao, thanks! I'm more inggit with your Rouge G lippy. I want the red shade, 24, I think. :P

  12. looks super pretty on the tube and the swatch is pretty and glossy! I've a Guerlain palette i dont use.. the colours doesnt suit me and I bought it in a outlet place!

  13. Bitter ako sa lippie na to, di ko naabutan sa sale e hahahaha! :D

    ang ganda nya pammy. nakakainis! :D hahaha!


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