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Friday, June 3, 2011

On Bags and Fendi

Before I became a makeup addict, I was once addicted to bags. I remember having more than 30 bags in my closet, most of which were never used. I was kind of brand conscious but not the type who would spend thousands and thousands of money just for one single bag. But I do remember buying a Fendi purse back then and I remember it being sturdy even though I was not too good to it.

I think my love for bags is slowly coming back because I find myself looking for bags online more often than I look for makeup. I came across a website that sells a variety of Fendi items, from shoes and bags, to wallets and belts, and even hats for both men and women. The prices aren’t sky high too and they are actually discounted so it is definitely good news to all fashion enthusiasts out there who are looking for authentic products for less.

Of course, the Fendi handbags were calling my name and I saw a style or two, or probably even more, that made me say, “I want that!” but there are also other bags from other brands that also caught my eye. With all the nice bags on that site, it may be confusing to decide which one to get, but then again, a girl can never have too many purses, right?

Happy Friday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. i understand how u feel... i love looking at LV, Gucci,longchamp...

  2. Caroline, it's fun yet hard at the same time to be a girl. :P

  3. i used to collect bags too and still plan on collecting bags once i get my own job mwuahahhahahaha! x)

  4. Sugar, makeup and bags. A dangerous combo for the wallet. :P

  5. Bakla ka, Mulberry naman gusto mo diba? :P

  6. I still have a couple of fendi bags in my stash, parehas sila kakaiba ang quality from all the other bags I have, hindi impressive. After those 2 fendi bags, di na ko umulit sa Fendi, watches nalang. :D

  7. Jap, so sad. Mine's still in a-ok condition and I've had it for 5 years now and was never really good to it. :)


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