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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yum Moments: Jay-J's Chicken Inasal

Time for another Yum Moments post! A friend and I and Mang B/V had lunch at Jay-J's Chicken Inasal in Timog a couple of weeks ago. It was our first time to have lunch there so we ordered their chicken inasal and a few others.

For starters, my friend ordered chicharong bulaklak for 150 bucks, if I remember it right. I know she has been craving for this for the longest time.

Close up of the cholesterol-high blood-uric acid chips.

Sinigang na bangus belly. I only had the soup which I liked. It tasted a bit sour and I am not a huge fan of sour dishes but I surprisingly liked it. :) Priced at in between 200-300 bucks, Overpriced if you ask me. We only ordered this because when we asked Mang B/V what he wanted to eat, he said anything that has fish in it.

Then we ordered chicken inasal, chicken leg/drumstick parts for more or less than Php 100 each.

I seriously think there isn't anything special about their chicken inasals. I even like the one from Mang Inasal better. Though the chicken was juicy and tender, it tastes just like grilled chicken.

I also ordered pork barbecue (Php 35) just to be able to taste it and out of everything we had, it was the one I liked the most. I could've gotten away with just one stick and a cup of rice. We also thought of ordering 1.5L of Coke but wow, the price is a whopping Php 160!!! We ended up just ordering a can each. The bill was a little over Php 900, around Php 950, I think. I don't think I would have lunch there again. If I want a quick fix of chicken inasal, I'll go straight to the arms of Mang Inasal.

Have you tried eating here?

Happy Wednesday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. why do yum moments post always make me want to go to tomas morato at the wee hours of the night? :P

    i like chicharon bulaklak and anything with loads of cholesterol on it. <3

  2. Sugarpao, because you like to nom nom nom? :P

  3. man... i would kill that chicharon bulaklak with rice and suka ahahahahah! :9 i'd like to try chicken inasal pag makauwi ako <3

  4. Donna, go! With matching chicharon bulaklak. :P

  5. I first tried Jay-J's at metrowalk. Masarap nga ang inasal nila.

  6. Rae, lucky you, you liked their inasal. It was a fail for me. :D

  7. Oh gosh! Its 3AM and you got me craving for chikchik!!! :))

  8. insal...those photos made my stomach 5am haha.Pams nice post sa why do we blog.kudos..i miss blogging.=( on my break,sabi ko to reward myself im going to by one makeup nahirapan ako sa isa ang dami new reviews ahaha

  9. I haven't had Chicken Bulaklak for a looonnggg time! the last, i was in highschool pa ata and that's A LONG time na! Eeeek gusto ko ulit ng Jay-J's inasal!

  10. @Camille(SHOBE)
    Thanks, Shobs. Haha! Shopping is one of the best rewards lalo na if makeup and you love makeup. :P I hope okay ka pa with GY shift. :)

  11. @Askmewhats
    Nikki, I hope to see a Weekend Foodtripping post featuring Mang Inasal in te future. Haha! :P

  12. @Nic Nic
    It only looks yummy. Not as yummy as it looks on the pic though. :D

  13. i haven't tried jay-j's yet, but i will soon! those sinigang bangus looks inviting! YUM! followed you! :)

  14. @Michelle
    Why do cholesterol-induced food taste yummy no? :P

  15. omg chicharong bulaklak will (literally) be the death of me. why does something that seems so nasty taste so good? * Wants!

  16. kaya nga ba ayoko magbasa ng mga blog post gaya nito, naiisipan ko tuloy kumain.hihi.

  17. mmm...=*)
    I follow your blog)
    Follow me?

  18. Chicken Inasal!!! I've had it over here. But I bet it taste better back home.


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