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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Oil Control Powder for Less

Who would think that one of the best and most inexpensive oil control powders can be found in the grocery for less than Php 20 each? Sounds impossible right? Thanks to Chel, I, together with a lot of other girls found out about Lewis & Pearl Body & Face Powder. She raved and swears by this powder that I just couldn't resist not giving it a try. Plus, with a tag price that's less than 20 bucks, I've got nothing much to lose, except if I break out with it.

It was unbelievably hot last summer, though it still is, and I didn't dare use liquid foundation on my face. I even didn't feel like putting anything on my face at all but I didn't want to look like a grease bomb so this powder was perfect.

I was hesitant at first to try it because I never really thought something so inexpensive (less than $0.50) can be effective in keeping oil at bay but I am glad I gave in and bought one. The powder's texture is really nice and feels smooth and silky on the face. My face stays shine-free for a few hours, which isn't bad at all, given the weather condition that we have in the Philippines at the moment.

I didn't really break out with it but I did experience some itching especially when it's freaking hot but nothing really major. But those who are allergic to any of the ingredients - Talc, Titanium Dioxide, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, and Fragrace - should probably stay away from it. If you can't, do a patch test first. The scent bothers me at times, especially when my nose is being extra-sensitive. I wish there is an unscented version though.

Overall, I like this powder a lot. In fact, my mom also got herself one because she thought that the oil control was great. Give it a try if you have combi-oily to oily skin. Of course, don't expect it to have superb oil control powers that'll keep your face matte the whole day. It' just a good, cheaper alternative to Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, Kryolan Anti Shine Powder, and MAC Blot, imo. But then again, to each his own. I wish they'd come up with something in pressed powder form. :)

Have you tried this powder?

Happy Thursday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. I use an Allue Face Powder. :-) Talc powders are often overlooked! They're awesome in controlling oil! :D

  2. @Michelle I see that a lot in HBC but I thought the whole line is no longer appropriate for my age. Glad it works for you. :P

  3. baby powders make me break out. x( but i like that it works for you pammy! will recommend this to my sister since she only uses a powder for her face.

    feeling kasi nya baby pa sya hahaha! :D

  4. @Sweethestia
    Yes, I like wearing it when it's super duper hot! :P

  5. @sugar sugar
    Is it Baby HamHam or Baby Enky? :P I hope they'll like it in case they try it. Sayang naman that baby powders cause you to break out. :(

  6. i should give this one a try, thanks for this post.

  7. tried this, breakout galore! hirap ng may problematic skin talaga!

  8. Makes me want to check out other products for off label use.

    Too bad I'm allergic to one of the ingredients. But this gave me an idea of looking into baby powders--will just have to read the label.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  9. cool! who would have thought! glad you found this sis...hehe

  10. this is safe for the face? wow great find. thot JnJ lang ang trusted hehe! I liked the colognes fr LnP before, not sure lang if they have it still:))

  11. Wow! I remember during high school days, these powders were very famous! :)

  12. @sugar sugari agree with Sugar, it's comedogenic on me as well =( and i look cakey.
    but on a budget specially if you're still in high school, if you can pull it off, meaning the white not to look too obvious then why not ;-)

  13. LOL at your reply to Mitch's comment! :D I have this one too but mine's the pink one :)

  14. This brings me back to my HS days not so long ago..haha..I think even during GS days, I see girls my age use talc powders na..:)

  15. baby enky love who turned into a liger and was having a tantrum a while ago. LOL! i put a a garland/wreath of flowers on her head so she'll look cute while throwing a tantrum. xD

  16. Agree! it's the same old simple loose powder that works really well as oil control! I can still remember the girls in college, inside the washroom using Johnson's baby powder for their faces :)

  17. wow!
    same with nikki
    during college days every girl has her trusty ol' johnson's baby powder on her kit. it's one of the basics!

    i still do keep a bottle of powder when i just don't feel like putting make-up on. but that is quite rare, for like you i love the maybelline dream matte powder.

    i'll buy this din to try!
    thanks for the review!

  18. wow, I will have to try this! Thanks!!!

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    check out my features in the meantime ;)

  19. i wished they have that in japan!

  20. when i was in college i always use jnjs baby powder! and it really works well! will definitely try LnP! ;)

  21. oh wow! thanks for the info... great blog!

  22. i have one of these but i use it for my body before i go out, like neck and chest etc. ill try to use it on my face :D

  23. I'll try this product, thanks for sharing :)
    New follower here! Hope you check out my blog, follow me if you like it! :)



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