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Monday, June 27, 2011

Product Review: Eyeko Minty Fat Balm

Time for another lip balm review. This time, I will be reviewing the Eyeko Minty Fat Balm. First things first, pictures.

First of all, I find the packaging cute because it is pink but a bit cheap, to be honest. But then if the product inside is good, then I am willing to overlook that aspect. The moment I pulled the cap, I detected a minty scent that was just a bit too strong for my liking. It was as if the scent crawled through my nostrils working its way to my brain. Although it did not trigger my allergic rhinitis, I had migraine.

The color looks really pretty so I took that as a good sign that maybe I just might like the product regardless of the scent. I did not apply it directly on my lips and used a lip brush instead because of the scent. It looked a bit frosty on the lips but it also felt minty, which I thought was a bit nice (I used to dislike minty lip balms but because of Mentholatum Lip Ice, I got used to it). I stayed in front of the fan to help get rid of the scent and since I have this habit of licking my lips, I did lick my lips. It tasted awful, I just couldn't put my finger to it but one thing for sure is that it left a horrible taste in my mouth. And oh, it just sat on my lips which is another bummer.

When I removed it from my lips using a wet tissue, I felt that my lips were smooth and soft. Too bad because it could've been a moisturizing lip balm if it weren't for the scent and taste. That being said, I am not going to buy this product and other variants since it was an utter disappointment for me. Good thing is I got this as a gift from Tweetykat again.

I would encourage those with sensitive noses to give this a sniff or try it (without licking it :P) before purchasing if you know someone who owns this balm. But if you are not that sensitive to scented lip products, you might like this. :)

Just a hand swatch, no lip swatch. Na-ah!

Have you tried this balm? How do you like it?

Happy Monday night, super awesome peeps! :)


  1. awww...
    no-no to something that has a god-awful smell!

    i can't stand something that smells so weird..makes me wonder what chemical they put in there to smell like so.

    but i have to admit it looks so nice!

  2. @~tHiAmErE~ Maybe it's not as awful as I think it is. It could just very well be my sense of smell. Haha! :P

  3. i haven't seen a review of eyeko since it hype 2 years ago i think...there has been so many raves about this especially the cheek thingamajig.

    too bad it didn't work for you. :(

  4. awww gosh it looks pretty but i am very scent sensitive, even eos balms like tangerine strong scent i cant take it :(

  5. LOL! the color is prutty! why you no like to lip swatch pammycakes? :P i bet it's gonne be real pretty on your lips! LOL! of course i read your review and i'm staying away from this if it has a weird taste. i think you can also use this as a cream blush? sayang naman if you won't use it. :]

  6. ooh migraine from the product?! not good at all -_- haha the other day I decided to be advanturous and try on a new cream and it made my skin purple

  7. waaa awful smell, I hope the smell doesn't give a headache...but the color sure is pretty.

  8. Alam mo I own this and never reviewed it because>.I think I put it somewhere warm kaya wala na! melted na ang beauty ng Eyeko fat balm ko! :)

  9. too pink and frosty for me. as for me, i like minty lip balms so no problem there. hehe.

  10. unless it smells like di naarawan and potpourri.. i can probably take it. But i don't think i'm thrilled with the shade either.. hehehe!

  11. i think the shade is reminding me of elf's pink lemonade with the satin finish and the baby pink ;-)

  12. it's cute but i don't even want to go near it because of the way you described the scent. besides, i don't think that color would even show up on me.

    thanks for the review, pammy. =))

  13. Even though it works perfectly, a definite no for bad smell..... I love the packaging though.

  14. the packaging is really cute plus i love pink so much! if i see it i might have bought it. good thing i read your blog. even if it would work as a great moisturizing lip balm, a super strong smell is definitely a no-no. XD

    much love,

  15. I actually love eyeko's fat balms, I have cherry and strawberry. They smell nice naman. Too bad about the mint :(

  16. I don't know why I always think Eyeko products are for eyes! LOL Maybe it's their name? This fat balm looks totally cute and something I'd die to have!

  17. that’s very cute packaging!!!

    & I like the color. I think because of the weather.. i’m in love with light pink colors <3

    xoxo Hitomineko xoxo

  18. Lol @ getting a migraine. I guess some products are really just worth staying away from if it doesnt suit our tastes. Is it sold here in Cebu? And I agree, maybe its expired?


  19. I haven't tried any Eyeko product yet, but that balm shade looks lovely!:)


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