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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fashion and Scrubs

Who says people in the medical field cannot look fashionable? I vividly remember the time when I was a kid and I was mighty scared of doing hospital visits because everyone, aside from visitors and patients, was wearing white. And as a kid with wild imagination, that didn’t give me a very nice image of hospitals, and stories from nannies and movies did not help either. But things really do change as time goes by, and that includes white hospital uniforms and scrubs.

Just as any fashion style, scrubs eventually evolved overtime. From old boring white scrubs, there are now different prints, patterns, and colors that you can choose from for men, women, and kids. And there are also jackets and unique scrubs like scrub hats for women. Yes, a hat.

I have come across the website and I was amazed with how much variety there is that people can choose from when it comes to scrubs. There are also lab coats and shirts, and even accessories like bracelets and lanyards. And with so many nice scrubs to choose from, it would be close to impossible to not find anything that suits your needs while looking fashionable at the same time.


  1. Haha how awesome! I'm going to keep this in mind for when I plan to go the PA route. Oh they have so many selections for scrub hats... ;O

  2. Tiffo, perfect! Haha! Those hats are cute. :P

  3. i used to use scrub suits as pajamas but don't tell anyone i told you ok pammy? :p

  4. There's a small boutique in my school where they sell scrub suits in all kinds of patterns. My friend bought one with musical notes. Adorable.

    And yes, scrub suits make awesome pajamas. ^^

  5. Nice pammy, kelan ka pa nagka-interes sa scrubs? :D haha!

    Scrub hats are not just for girls actually, and normal talagang may scrub hats, we usually use those sa procedures na dapat sterile ang work area mo pati sa Operating Room. :) men have scrub hats too, but then mas may arte nga lang yung sa girls. parang turban style.

    we have a lot of stores locally that sell stylish scrubs na, i personally have sets of scrubs na chinese collar and hindi na mukhang scrubs. bluesky isnt available locally eh.

    Pero I personally like lanyards na plain lang and clean yung design, i dont really like those beaded artsy ones, parang mas gusto ko yung mas pormal tingnan. :D though i also use football lanyards that have detachable ends for my bandage scissors and transpore tape. :D

  6. ^
    Answered your question on this post on the comments section of the Why are you Beauty Blogging post.


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