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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Is Kevin a Beautymaker? Color Correcting Eyelid Primer Review

I have sleeping problems so I've been battling with dark under eye circles for quite some time now. The eye creams I use are helping but apparently not enough for me to go out without concealing my dark under eye circles. I used UDPP on my under eyes to make my Laura Mercier Secret Concealer last longer but I badly need something to help with the darkness. I saw someone from Girltalk selling Kevin Beautymaker Color Correcting Eyelid Primer and I immediately purchased it after reading reviews online that the product works on the under eyes more than it does on the lids. And it's time to review it.

I like the sleek, black, minimalist compact. Nothing fancy and straight on product that tells you "I'm here to do business and not to be an eye candy."

What I like:
- The packaging is minimalist and very sleek.
- The pale yellow shade really does help in color correction. It does a great job in making my dark circles less visible while brightening that area. It works well as a corrector and sometimes, I use it alone as a concealer too.
- Creamy and applies smoothly. I find it quite easy to blend.
- Opaque and pigmented so a little goes a long way. One tap is enough to cover my dark circles but I guess it depends on how light or dark your under eye circles are. But do not use to much as it will definitely cake.
- Unscented. I was expecting it to smell like chin chun su or the Chinese cream churva but it didn't. :D
- Has a shelf life of 24 months. Let's see how long it takes before I hit pan.
- Does not oxidize on me.
- Has not caused any allergic reactions so far and does not irritate my eyes.
- I have a fine line on each of my under eyes and I find that this does not settle on them once blended properly and has been set with powder. Just do not apply too much as it just might settle.
- Although the brand isn't locally available, this, along with other KBM products can be purchased from local resellers like wehaveit143. I think the products are reasonably priced and I want to try other items too.

What I don't like:
- It fails as an eyelid primer on me since consistency is creamy. It easily creases and oils up.
- Since the shade is a very pale yellow, I am not sure as to how it would work on women of color as it might look ghastly or too white.

Overall rating: 4.25/5 Kevin is indeed a Beautymaker with this product. Let's see if he is on other products when I decide to try others.

Will I buy again? I might. It's not everyday that I find a reasonably priced corrector that works as a concealer too.

Directions on how to use and ingredients list


Left - with KBM; Right - none

Have you tried this product? What other KBM products can your recommend? :)

Happy Sunday, super awesome peeps! Stay safe too. :)


  1. You always seem to have a heads up on products I have never heard of! LOL

  2. @Michelle Haha! Try it, it's burget friendly. I don't see anything over 1k. :)

  3. I haven't tried this, I only own ONE Kevin Beautymaker product and it's the powder foundation which I like :)

  4. @Askmewhats I'm checking out their powder foundations and there are quite a few variants. Nakakalito. :P

  5. Thanks for the review. I do love the Kevin Beautymaker concealer myself.

  6. i guess since it fails as an eyelid primer, it can just as easily settle into lines. :( i have this curved line on my eye bags (lol i don't know how to describe it), and when i use cream concealers, the freakin thing settles in it :(

  7. Ooh I'm actually looking for an eyelid colour corrector. Kasi naman, I look like I've been punched. Itim ng eye circles ko parati. I have the Kevin Beautymaker peach compact/blush. Have yet to try it :)

  8. @Jamilla Camel That is on my list too! Will check out your blog to see if you have reviewed it. :)

  9. @Donna I get it! :P I edited my pros and forgot to include that I have fine lines on my under eyes as well and since I apply this sparingly, it does not settle on those lines. I just have to blend it properly and set it with powder. Of course, it still depends on each individual. :)

  10. @KrysI look like I'm wearing brown/earth-toned eyeshadows naman even though I'm not wearing any. Haha! :P

  11. noce review..haven't heard of this...makabasa nga ng reviews.. :)

  12. oooh Kevin Beautymaker, i've been harping on that since Fuzkittie has been using it, too. thanks for the review. too bad it creased up on you.

  13. ive never tried KBM makeup! glad it works.. hate concealer that creases tho!

  14. Naunahan mo ako sa pagbili nito sa GT. Hehe. :D I think it's a good thing though 'cause looking at the swatch it looks too light for my skin tone. But it really seemed to brighten your undereye. :) I've tried the KBM concealer (from GT din) and it's okay.

  15. @DeBiI hope you find something to your liking. :)

  16. @Marge I blame it on my oily lids but it works great as an under eye concealer primer. :)

  17. @Nic Nic Me too. But on the under eyes, this works wonders with very minimal to almost no creasing. :)

  18. @Ida Haha! I texted her agad when after reading reviews. How's the concealer performing so far? :)

  19. thanks for this review pammycakes! i guess i'll be skipping this product if it doesn't work as a primer.

  20. So far I only had his foundation pen and loved it, ued up 2 of them, and now I have a stick concealer and am trying to figure out how it works best, as I find my undereye area too dry and the concealer doesn't really like it >.<


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