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Monday, June 13, 2011

Product Review: Benefit Posietint

I failed on my first few attempts in using lip & cheek tints. I had a hard time blending the tints on my cheeks and trying my best to not make myself look like Betty Boop. Anyway, when I first had the chance to use a pink tint from Kiko Cosmetics, I realized that maybe red or cherry-colored tints are too harsh for my skin color and that pink tints look more natural on me. I was then lemming for Benefit Posietint when Tish said she'll give me a Posietint mini, which she did when we went to the Lux Asia Sale last April. (Thanks again, Tish! :)) Anyway, here is my review.

What I like:
- A very pretty shade of pink that looks natural (at least on me).
- Intensity of the color can be built up.
- I find this easy to blend as compared to the other tints I have tried.
- Lasts a fairly long time on its own on my combi-oily skin, say, 4-5 hours?
- Has not caused my skin to break out.
- Has a scent that is tolerable, nothing bothersome.
- Locally available online, thanks to re-sellers.

What I don't like:
- You have to be really quick in blending as it tends to dry fast and leave a stain on where you have initially dotted it.
- Pretty expensive for a cheek tint.

Overall rating: 4/5

Will I buy again? Yes, but I won't buy a full size. I would go for the 4mL travel size since it is a tint and has a shorter life span than powder products.

TIP: When buying online, be extra careful as there are a lot of fake Benefit products especially on eBay. Make sure to check the seller's feedback before bidding or clicking on the Buy-it-Now button. If there is at least a feedback or two stating that the item/s (especially if it is Benefit/makeup in general) is/are fake, be wary. Also, if the price is too good to be true (eg. Php 700 for a brand new with box full size Benefit Posietint/Benetint and you're not sure if the seller is reliable or not, chances are it really is too good to be true.). Still better to add a couple hundreds more and be sure that your item is authentic than go for a cheaper one while there is no guarantee regarding its authenticity.


Have you tried this tint? How do you like it so far?

Sorry for having to "UP" my post/entry. I was adding pages on my blog when I made the silly mistake of doing a post instead of a page. :(

Happy Monday, super awesome peeps! Have a great week ahead of you. :)


  1. Thanks for the review and swatches, hun! Also thanks for your tip! That's very good to know.


    *Check out my giveaway:

  2. i used to have a mini version of this and i really liked it too pammy! but mine has run out. i wish there were medium sized bottles LOL!

  3. @D.Sadie
    Thank you. You have a nice blog and cute baby, by the way. :)

  4. The color is sooo pretty! I wanna have one soon! I hope I could find a dupe for this product though. :)

  5. @sugar sugar I have the mini version and I'm saving it up. aha! I think we should get the 4mL travel bottles instead of the full size ones. :)

  6. @makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun!
    Marshy, they say that the Liole one is pretty similar to this. :P I'm thinking of trying one from them. :)

  7. Cool! I have been drooling over benefit benetint but I don't have the cash yet!

    And I think you can actually buy one at Archaeology, Rockwell. I'm not sure if it's still there but I saw Benefit products there a couple of months ago. :-)

  8. @Michelle
    I'm scared that it might be double the price if I buy it from there. Haha! :P I think Posietint will look great on you though. :)

  9. I've tried this but I like Benetint better.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  10. @Marie
    Glad Benetint worked for you. :P It didn't on me. :(

  11. psst. im on a mission, to banish all my breakouts then try posie tint with no foundation on! oh i can imagine the freedom and the sweet looking tint! :D

  12. pammy where can i get the mini-er version? LOL! :) i'm afraid to shop for this at ebay bec. there are so many fakes. >.< but i really liked this! i think benefit also came out with another one. hmmm.... i forgot what's it called though but it's orange or coral i think. ^-^

  13. @coffretgorge
    That's a really nice mission, G. I hope it becomes a success! :P

  14. @sugar sugar
    It's Cha Cha tint! When I saw someone selling it on Girltalk, I pretended I didn't see it. Haha! :P Is it the 2.5mL? I honestly don't know where but I will let you know ASAP when I see one for sale. :)

  15. LOL! Looking at your photo, reminded me na PARANG meron ako nito! I totally forgot about this!!! I bought sample size of these!!!!!!

  16. @Askmewhats
    Haha! Nikki has a lot of makeup that she forgets about some of them. :P Maybe it's time to use the sample na! :P

  17. the color looks nice...but I am not a fan of cheek tints..i tent to go

  18. omg i failed the first time swatching this LOL! it does stain quickly so you do have to work fast! lol i don't have one but i was able to test one at the store. i'm still debating whether i should get this one. nakita mo na yung chacha tint? when that comes out, i might just get that kasi i like the peachy/mango color better. oh hell, who knows, baka i might buy this one too hehe!

  19. I've never tried this but I can see that it stains beautifully! :)

  20. Thank you for your reviews! they are very detailed ;) plus this is a gorgeous color!
    want to follow each other?

  21. I've never heard of cheek tints >.<!! Thanks so much for introducing them to me~

  22. That is such a cute color. I love it!

    Glad you found a good stain that works for you :)


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