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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cheap Find: Maybelline Color Bloom Lip Balm in Peach Blossom

While I love my Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer Color, I realized that I cannot reapply it as often as I need to because the pink tint on my lips tend to look unnatural. So I thought of just sticking to their regular lip balms which I also love, Lemon being my favorite. I was about to repurchase the Lemon variant when I saw something new from Maybelline that resembles Sheer Color and I found out it's one of their latest products which is Color Bloom.

There are two shades available. A pink one and this - Peach Blossom. I chose this one because I thought that the pink shade just might be the same as the one from Mentholatum. I saw on the cardboard packaging that it has fragrance so I just hoped that it would not be strong.

It really does look like Lip Ice. It also turns to a peach-pink shade (at least for me) but the intensity depends on your body's PH level. I like that it looks natural even though I reapply a few times. It is fairly moisturizing and leaves a nice tint on the lips. I like it, the packaging is really cute too. My only gripe is the scent. I find it a bit strong for my liking. I only wish they have an unscented one and I would gladly buy another tube. Between this and Mentholatum, I am leaning towards this one because of the color plus it is cheaper by 50 bucks as this costs only Php 99.

I thought that posting this was pretty pointless because it appears almost transparent but I see a hint of color. Or I'm just imagining things?

Lip swatch.

Have you tried this product from Maybelline?

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Happy Sunday again, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. Nice nga ito, I finished 2 tubes of this na, my only complaints? ang bilis maubos!

  2. may hint of color nga talaga dear. i don't think you're seeing things :)

  3. wow! ang ganda...the thing is, is it okay for NC42 skintone?

  4. Nikki, 2 tubes? it's either you like it a lot that you reapply a lot of times or super dali lang talaga maubos. :P

    Crystal, haha! Thank you. :P

    Debi, I think this will look better than the super pink one. :) Too bad they don't have testers. Or at least at the branch where I got it from. :)

  5. will try this! i need a lip balm that will really moisturize my lips. :p i blame this on nicotine LOL! x)

  6. Tried It And Will Try Again~! Imma Make A Review On This One~! Maganda Sya Pwedeng Pang-Everyday~! ^^

  7. Looks really nice! I love it! So convenient to carry around also :)

  8. Oh this looks interesting! Want to try it. (: Thanks for sharing.

  9. @sugar sugar
    Sugarpao, I'm not sure if this would be enough but it works for me. So I really hope it does for you. Lemme know. :P

  10. @Angel.S
    Glad I'm not the only one who likes it! :P

  11. @Rainy Days and Lattes
    Yup, and the size is small enough to easily fit even small purses. :)

  12. @Tiffo
    Give it a try. And when you do, I hope you'll like it. :)

  13. oo its super natural but gives your lips just a tint of color. very pretty and nice find :)

  14. I think the hint of color is very nice :D does it serve well as a lip balm?

  15. Slo, yes it does. I find it nice and pretty moisturizing, hasn't dried out my lips so far. :)

  16. It looks really nice! I'll keep an eye out for this product. I don't think the scent will be a problem because I love peach scents and flavor pero I hope I get the same kind of color when I use it. I don't usually like the effect of color-changing lippies on me eh.

  17. i love maybelline products! never tried this before nga lang. loyal sa nive lipcare lol.

    I gave you an award sis! check it out :)


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