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Friday, June 3, 2011

Product Review: Milani Baked Powder Blush in Corallina

As I have mentioned on my previous posts, I've been digging coral-pinks lately, thus, the reason for me buying this Milani Baked Powder Blush in Corallina. After seeing positive reviews and gorgeous swatches, I was immediately sold so just imagine how excited I was when I finally got my hands on this blush. It was love at first sight and swatch. But did I actually fall in love with it? Let's find out. :)

Corallina is a gorgeous coral-pink shade with gold and white/silver veining, which will remind you so much of MAC MSFs. I remember having a product almost the same as this one from Physician's Formula, and a baked Chanel JC Blush. While the color is very lovely, the texture isn't. I find it powdery and a bit rough and chalky. Not as smooth and pressed and finely milled as other baked powder blushes. It is pigmented, though, so those who prefer pigmented blushes might like this, especially if you are not too keen on texture and stuff.

It has a separate brush compartment and mirror. I never really understood why the mirror has to be on the back side of the blush. It just doesn't make sense to me why anyone would enjoy flipping the product over just to see yourself in the mirror. As usual, the brush included is scratchy.

Gorgeous on the pan, swatches beautifully. I thought I would love it to bits but I was disappointed when I realized that it made me look sunburned. Someone asked if I've gone to the beach because she thought my cheeks were sunburned and I was wearing this blush. That happened not just once, not even twice, but thrice. And that isn't a good sign. So off it went to the For Sale list and it's now on its way to a new mommy. Such a shame that a blush as pretty as this gave such an effect on me. And it didn't even cause any allergic or bad reaction so we would've had a good relationship if it weren't for the sunburned look. That being said, I won't buy another baked blush from Milani. Not even my love for coral-pinks saved this from getting sold to someone else. But then again, a lot of bloggers love this blush so do give it a try. Each product has varying results on different people anyway. This is really pretty but it just doesn't work for me.


Have you tried this blush? Love it?

Happy Friday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. awww...
    such a shame.
    it looks gorgeous on the pan nga but noo to sunburned look

  2. Awww too bad :( It looks sooo nice pa naman oh :]

  3. aw no! it does look nice in the swatch, sorry it didnt work for you Pammy dear. :( where do u buy Milani products?

  4. G, someone was nice enough to buy tis blush for me and other girls. I'm sure it'll be available on eBay soon. :P

  5. hi pammy. too bad nga, it looked very pretty pa naman. at least you were able to find a good home for it. ^^

  6. Jackie, yup. I hope the new mommy will like it. :)

  7. Nice shade! i do have high hopes for brands like milani! ang gaganda ng pigmentation!

  8. Nikki, I heard their eyeshadows are good but I have yet to try those. Blushes pa lang nat-try ko from Milani. :P

  9. oh it looks so pretty!! It's always disappointing when they don't apply like you imagined. I've never tried Milani. But everyone has been blogging about it. I think it's time for me to see whether I like this brand or not. =]

  10. awww these blushes look so gorgeous maybe you should just use them as bronzers instead...? :/

  11. Sugarpao, I tried. I look freakin' toasted with red-brown cheeks! Haha! :P

  12. Wickermoss, oo nga noh. :P

    Shinyprettythings, I hope you'll like it! :P

  13. baked blushes are always that pretty and luring :D!!! milani blushes are pretty promising so far.

  14. I have them both and I love them of course hehe! you have to do a FOTD with it. Thanks for the sweet comment Pammy I appreciate it!

  15. bloghopped and landed here. :)

    I ordered Luminoso and Berry Amore and hoping to get them soon. Too bad Corallina didn't work for you... it looks so nice in the pan. I didn't order this coz it's got chunky glitters based on the blog swatches. can't wait to try my new babies :)

    Following you na pala :)

  16. too bad. the swatches look pretty pa naman. by the way, i tagged you.:)

  17. Sayang, it looks very nice on the pan!!! :(

  18. Aww, sorry it didn't work for you! :( Corallina is one of the Milani blushes I'm really wanting to try out because the color is sooo pretty in swatch & pan. Well, at least you still have Luminoso which is gorgeous as well. (: Btw, how's the shimmer/glitter with these two?

  19. tsktsk.. things like these really happen. sakin naman, sa lipsticks.. like when I do a hand swatch on a dept. store (since I cant bring myself to test those testers on my lips), akala ko ganda ganda ng color.. but when I reach home to finally test what I got, ppfff! di pala bagay... :(

    sad noh?

  20. Jennifer, agree. Baked bluses are pretty!

    Nic, glad you love them. I can no longer do an FOTD, I already sold the blush. :D

    frecklessspeckles, I hope you'll love them! :P Luminoso is another fail for me. :(

    debbie, thank you! Will do the tag soon. :0

    Nina, true! :(

    Tiffo, Luminoso didn't work for me either. It made my cheeks looks ruddy and dirty. :( You can easily get rid of the glitters of Corallina just by lightly tapping your blush brush and the glitters will be gone. :)

    Karla, that happens to me too, especially on lipsticks!! :P

  21. oh no.. hope it would work for me. LOL i just want to try it, im looking for a dupe for nars orgasm.. ^-^

    super thanks for the kanebo blush. its really nice. i love it <3 thanks for the freebies as well.

  22. maybe its just not the right shade for your skin tone, lovely on swatch though.

  23. Toxi, I hope you'll like Corallina too and thanks for adopting it. Glad you love 'em. :P

    Quin, I guess so. :(

  24. awww too bad it made you looked sunburned =( it looks so nice, i was about to ask how it compared to orgasm, i guess the sunburned statement says it all =(


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