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Monday, June 8, 2009


I purchased a Pop Beauty Blush Cake in Pretty in Pink on However, it has been more than 2 weeks since it was shipped out via USPS and I still haven't received it. I would normally receive my orders in less than 2 weeks, thanks to my beloved Marikina City PO. I haven't waited this long for a package to arrive. And my packages get delivered right at my doorstep. No need to pick it up and no PO fee. No PO notice as well. I wonder what happened to my package. I am getting a little impatient because this is the longest I have to wait for just one package to arrive. I am so psyched because the blush looks so pretty. Lookie!

I can't wait to get my hands on it! I hope my package won't get lost and it arrives soon. >_<


  1. the colors look yummy, like candy! :) don't lose hope though, it's the same here, most packages get delivered directly to our house, average of 11 days transit. but there are a few which just take longer. and i think i lost a package in the mail for the 1st's been more than 6 weeks, still not here :(

  2. hay naku sis. the main PO is kinda slow talaga these days, pati yung USPS slow din daw. I've been waiting for my haul for 18days na.

  3. ida, sorry to hear about your package. but you're right, don't lose hope. I remember this order we pooled at GT for Cory Cosmetics. took more than a month or almost 2 months to arrive, if i remember it correctly.

    mina, ganun pala. thanks for letting me know, was really worried na, it's been 16 days na din kasi. let's keep our hopes up ^_^

  4. thanks mszcheysser. nothing did, i just received it this morning. ^_^


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