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Friday, June 26, 2009

Recipe: Buttered Shrooms

Yesterday I was really bummed as I can't think of anything to blog about. But thanks to the encouraging words and kindness of my blogging sistahs, I thought of something I can post. Well, as most of you know by now, cooking is my passion so I am sharing a very easy recipe. This is a very easy one to make and you only need 3-5 ingredients. I actually cooked it yesterday to serve as my comfort food. I love mushrooms. And this is a good appetizer that I first tried at Dencio's and loved it ever since. Here's my version.

What you need:
-salt and pepper to taste
-chili powder (optional)

What to do:

-I opened a can of button mushrooms and rinsed 'em. I think it is important to rinse the shroomies to get rid of the can thingie.
-I then minced 3 cloves of garlic. I enjoy the chopping part, makes me feel like a chef. :)
-So I put butter in a medium-heated pan and added the minced garlic and waited for the garlic to turn golden brown before I added the shrooms.
-I added a little salt and pepper to taste and sprinkled a little chili powder because I like it spicy. -Just let it cook for 10 minutes and stir every once in a while.
-Serve and then munch on it.

Trust me, it's better than Dencio's. ^_^

Now, that feels better. ;D


Cheysser, please don't sue me for this. Haha! :)

I finally went out again yesterday. I met up with someone at Trinoma Mall and we hung out at his place. I can't believe I stayed there from 8pm-5am today., watching DVD's, playing songs, tickling, and WRESTLING. I am so dead. My mom will definitely kick my ass. ^_^

By the way, there's nothing wrong in going out with someone 11 years my senior, right? I am turning 25 this year. ;D And no, he is not married. >_<


  1. The buttered shrooms look yummy. I really envy you. You really know how to cook. I'll try to cook buttered shrooms on my day off. Thanks so much sis for giving me an idea.

  2. thank you. you're welcome, sis. hope you'll like it. :)


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