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Friday, June 12, 2009

Product Review and Revisited: Kanebo Revue Still Keep Powder Foundation

I've had this foundation for almost a year now. I do not get to use this powder foundation that often because of MAC Studio Fix which has been my HG Foundation for years now. But since I was on the look out for a better foundation last year, I have purchased several Japanese brands of foundations, one of which is Kanebo Revue Still Keep, because they are said to be the best matches for Asian skin.

I have always confused this one with Lunasol since I do not know much about Kanebo. I see their stalls at department stores but I do not really check out their products. So when I checked out the Kanebo counter at Rustan's EDSA Shang last year, I was totally clueless. I was asked by an SA (sales assistant) what I am looking for so I told her I am looking for a powder foundation that's good for keeping oilies at bay. So she suggested this line, Revue Still Keep, which according to her is made for oily skin. I was deciding which shade to choose when this snotty older SA approached me and was kinda nasty because I was just dressed in jeans, flip flops, and a shirt. She thought I won't be buying anything so instead of being helpful, she gave me the attitude that made me give her a piece of my mind. She sort of backed off and the younger assistant was apologetic since she saw how pissed I was. So going back to this foundation, I picked up a shade lighter because I am acidic. And the reason why I got confused is that the SA put the Revue Still Keep foundie on a Lunasol compact so I kept on referring to this one as Kanebo Lunasol Revue Still Keep. See how clueless I am when it comes to Kanebo products? >_<>_<

So I was amazed by this foundation for the first few times I've used it but since it was a tad light on me, it stayed on my make up kit for a long time. It was only when my face got lighter that I decided to revisit my foundies. And this was the very first one I saw. I applied it on my face using my EcoTools retractable Kabuki and I was amazed once again, like the first time. This time, the shade is a perfect match. It was a tad light on me since when I bought it, I had a tan. I had a tan this year but my face is back to its color so this is a match. I have been using it again for a few times now and here's my review on this product.

It almost disappeared on my skin.

-very finely milled powder
-leaves a porcelain-like finish
-soft and smooth and velvety skin upon application
-blends well on the skin, not chalky nor powdery
-color tone matches mine perfectly
-very suitable for Asian skin
-perfect for summer, feels very light on the skin
-the finish is just amazing, I can't keep myself from feeling my cheeks
-locally available

-quite expensive for PHP2100 for foundation refill and PHP750 for compact
-light to medium coverage- heavy coverage lovers will not love it
-not so much for oil control and staying power

Will I buy again? Maybe. If that snotty older SA will no longer be there. :-D

Kidding! Maybe, maybe not. I will if my MAC Studio Fix fails me. Shiseido Supplist Poreless gives almost the same finish at a lesser price.

And oh, Happy Independence Day, everyone! Ta! ^_^

EDIT: I don't know which shade this one is because when the younger SA put the foundie refill on the compact, she asked if I wanted to keep the box but I said no so now I have no clue as to what shade it is. But from what I remember, this is the second lightest shade for the yellow-toned foundies. IMO, this is suitable for NC25-NC30 skin.


  1. Fantastic review!^_^

    I hate SA's like that. I want to try either this or Shiseido when I've used up my foundies here. I still have MAC Studio Fix and I'll probably try to use that one up first. I don't like it that much, though. Is the Shiseido Supplist Poreless good in controling oil?

  2. Hey! I was told by the Shiseido SA that their Supplist Poreless is suitable for oily skin. The oil control is good but almost the same as MAC, imho. But between Shiseido and Kanebo, I like the oil control of Shiseido better but when it comes to finish, Kanebo wins. :)

  3. good review.. eekk.. that foundie is really costly.. tell me which is better studiofix or this one?? thanks

  4. studio fix for me when it comes to coverage and lasting power and oil control power. but as for the finish and texture, it's kanebo.


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