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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Recipe: Dry Egg Yolk Carbonara

I've been a naughty girl, I know. I made a little lie about not cooking anything today. But I did. I cooked my very own dry carbonara. Why dry? Because I did not make white sauce for it but it still is a little creamy. I know the word dry is not appealing but I just had my fix of creamy pasta. And to be honest, I like this better.

See? I made two batches. The one on the first picture has ham and mushroom. The second one has chicken strips and a little mushroom.

For the first one, here's a list of what you'll need.
-egg yolk (one for every person)
-salt and pepper to taste
-extra virgin olive oil or vegetable oil (healthy cooking)
-garlic and onion
-a little beef/pork/chicken broth cube

For the second one, here's what you need:
-egg yolk (one for every person)
-chicken strips (you can slice strips from chicken breast)
-salt and pepper to taste
-evoo or veggie oil
-garlic and onion
-a little beef/pork/chicken broth cube

What to do: (Same steps for both)
-cook pasta on boiling water for 10-12 minutes or until tender
-add a little oil and salt to add flavor to the pasta

While waiting for the pasta to cook, mince garlic and onion and saute on a heated pan with melted butter. Add a small chunk of beef/pork/chicken cube for added flavor.

Add ham/chicken strips and mushroom. Turn off the stove while waiting for the pasta to cook.

Once pasta is cooked, drain water without rinsing the pasta and put on the heated pan.

Turn on the stove again and add a little evoo or veggie oil on the pasta and the egg yolk. It is important to use only the egg yolk because the creaminess will come from it. One egg yolk for every person. If there are 5 of you going to share the pasta, 5 egg yolks then.

Do not forget to keep on mixing and swirling the pasta so the egg yolk won't fry.

Salt and pepper to taste.

You may add a little butter or milk to make it creamier.

Best served when hot.

And the best part? Eat! ^_^

Try it, ladies. ^_^


  1. now that looks super yummy :)

    collection shots tag for you in my blog sis! :)

  2. Your blogs always makes me hungry - I should sue you. Hahaha!

  3. Martha, thanks. Oh, another tag? Thanks, i'll check it out. ^_^

    Nikki, go try it. ^_^

    Cheysser, haha! You're so funny! ^_^

  4. Wow! You're really good at cooking. Those pics make me hungry. Anyhow, I wish I know how to cook like you do.

  5. Golden, go ahead and try. Cooking ain't so hard. You just have to follow your instinct. And follow what your taste buds tell you. :)

  6. pammy, that photo is making my mouth water. waah. there's not much to eat here at home right now. i like how the recipe is easy, thanks for sharing :)

    and wow at your blush collection! it is soooooo pretty. all i have are mostly minerals :)


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