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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Plants vs. Zombies, anyone?

I was never really into pc games until recently when I became a bum after I quit my job. I was in front of Pyrie (my laptop, named after its model Acer Aspire) almost everyday and I get bored surfing the net. So I decided to play games such as Diner Dash, Fashion Dash, Hangaroo, Amazing Adventure, Luxor, etc. I was told by a friend to download this game, Plants vs. Zombies. I did after a week or two and boy do I enjoy playing this game! It's a game of strategy where you have to plant plants to protect your house from zombies wanting to eat your brains. They make this funny sound, "braaaaiiins" everytime they are about to attack your house. I had this silly thought of them calling out my name "Graaaace" because I had to type in my player name but I realized after a while that it is brains and not my name. I am not a plant lover but I am enjoying plants because of this game. After 3 days of playing it, I am still on level 5-4 where the zombies are attacking you from the rooftop and you have to plant on pots this time. The zombies are funny because there is a pole vault zombie, dancing zombies, zombies held up by balloons, an old zombie who gets grupmy everytime you hit his newspaper with a walnut, a miner zombie, a zombie jock, and lotsa other zombies that can make you say, "what the heck?!" everytime you see a new type of zombie, The plants...there's a chomper, peas, shrooms and sunflower and lotsa other plants that are helpful. My favorites are the shrooms, cherry bomb, and the tough walnuts. You get to unlock mini games and puzzles when you reach certain levels. Why don't you download this game, play, and see for yourself? ;D


  1. Hi there! I already finished playing this game. This is absolutely fun and exciting! Have you tried typing the word 'mustache' or 'future' while playing? ^_^

  2. LOL! I should try playing this game - especially when I'm bored. (Like right now, I'm at work) It looks more interesting than playing Bejeweled. I'm getting crossed eyed from playing it. Bleeeh.

  3. mitch, i haven't. i will try that when i play it later. sounds interesting. something funny might happen, i guess. ;D

    cheysser, go play this game. it is absolutely fun! i even had my mom play this game and she loved bowling with the zombies. ;D

  4. OMG! I typed mustache and future while playing it and it is hilarious! the zombies wore sunglasses and grew mustache. Plus the sound is cute. Thanks for the tip. ^_^

  5. Hi.Do you already finished playing this game? Cute kasi nung ending song nito! LOL! with videos pa ^_^

  6. yeah, i finished this game na. ang cute nung song and sunflower sa video and the voice is cute din. ;D

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