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Thursday, June 25, 2009

something to think about...

It's been only 7 months since I started blogging, starting at Xanga and ending up blogging here in Blogspot, and now I can't think of anything else to blog about. I can't turn my thinking cap on. I'm running out of things to blog so I ended up blogging about food and cooking recently. I love make up but I am not as creative as other girls are in coming up with looks, so I ended up blogging about purchases and hauls. But I can't keep on doing that since lately, I am on a budget. I do not want to splurge on make up and skin care yet until my small business has been established or started or launched. I was exchanging emails with a Mineral Make up company in the US about me being an official distributor here in the Philippines. It is a good company. However, I am no longer using mmu which includes their products. And my thinking is like, how can I promote their products if I no longer use it? Of course, consumers will ask you stuff about one product or so and I cannot answer their queries very well since I do not patronize mmu anymore. I am blabbing and ranting again.

I cannot think of something worth blogging and reading. maybe I should turn my blog into a cooking or food blog. But I don't cook everyday. My recipes are not very original, usually just editing and revising some ingredients from a tested recipe. I have an original recipe, one, two, three. That's just it. Maybe this will work when I am already enrolled at a culinary school. Oh, I found a school that offers a 2-year course in culinary,. First OJT will be here in the Philippines, next OJT will be in Singapore. But I am broke! I need moolah!

Product Reviews...I am not really good at making reviews on products as I am most of the time biased. I have a hard time keeping an objective mind when it comes to products.

Or maybe...I should just leave this blog to die since I am out of creative juices.

Oh well....


  1. hi pammy,dont let your blog go to can definitely do the cooking thingy,i will surely read it and most of the bloggers love love cooking.i know you can thnk of somethng.=D

  2. as your tag says - "anything goes..." so... blog about anything! :) don't limit yourself to one subject, don't force yourself to blog about something if your heart's not into it. it is your blog after all and you can do anything you want with it.
    blogging is supposed to be a fun way to share your thoughts with others. if some people don't find your posts interesting, they simple don't have to read, right? but others will always have a completely different perspective and love whatever you write about.
    hope the blogger's mental block goes away! :)

  3. You can blog about anything! I mean, we are all friends through our love for make up... BUT :) We can still blog about anything, riiiiight! Look at me, I rant alot and I can get the title of the Most Grouchy but I don't care. Haha, people enjoy the post! And I love your cooking blogs, it makes me hungry! VERYYYYY! And I am still going to sue you! YAY.

  4. Cheer up sis! Look at my blog. I blog almost about everything, from my baby, to my hauls, to restaurants, and now makeup. I hope you won't stop blogging as I'm one of your fans. ^_^

  5. Awww..thanks for the encouraging words, sisters. You're all right. :)

    I hate this blogger's mental block. I hope it goes away soon.


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