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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sad update + a tag = The MAC Survey

I haven't checked my emails in 2 days and when I checked it out just a few minutes ago, there is one email that caught my eye. It is an invite.

I read it a little too late and it really saddens me that I am going to miss it. I so want to be a chef and it always amazes me how guys are such good cooks and great in the kitchen. Even if I read it earlier, I'm not sure if I can attend it because first of all, I do not know how to get to WTC on my own and number 2, it's my niece/goddaughter's birthday party on the same day this event will take place. A swimming party rather that is like a debut. Oh well, maybe something better will come my way one of these days. :(

And now, here's a tag from Martha/The Beauty Junkee.

The MAC Survey.

How long have you been using Mac?
3 years

What was your first Mac product?
MAC Lipstick in Fresco which has been discontinued. So sad. :(

What's your all time favourite Mac product?
MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation

What's your least favourite Mac product?
Creme blushes

Do you own a Pro Card?
Nope. I wish we have a pro store here. :( ----I totally agree!

Your Mac foundation shade:

What's your favourite Mac-
Studio Fix

Studio Finish NC30



Lychee Luxe
Plushglass in Big Kiss
Pink Lemonade


Adoring Carmine Holiday Collection brush set

Nail Lacquer:

Pro Product:

Comment on the following Mac product; Have you used them? If so, give feedback:

Prep + Prime Skin: I itched

Full Coverage Foundation: Nada

Studio Sculpt Foundation: N/A

Face + Body Foundation: N/A

Mineralize Satin Finish: I like it but it doesn't stay long on my skin

Studio Fix Fluid: I like that it feels light on the skin even if the coverage is kinda heavy

Hyper Real Foundation: N/A

Select SPF15 Foundation: N/A

Studio Tech Foundation: N/A Not a fan of cream foundation

Studio Fix Powder: HG POWDER!----Ditto!

Studio Stick: N/A

Hyper Real Pressed Foundation: N/A

Beauty Powder: I love that it goes on sheer and really pretty colours

Sculpting Powder: N/A

Shaping Powder: N/A

Loose Blot Powder: N/A

Pressed Blot Powder: HG Pressed powder. Keeps the oilies at bay. But they should consider revising the names of the shades.

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural: I find it a little dark

Mineralize Skinfinish: Not a huge fan because i like it matte.

Powder Blush: Buildable and pretty colours and lasts on my oily skin.

Blushcreme: Never lasted on my oily skin, not even for an hour.

Mineralize Blush: I so love it!!!!

Gel Blush: N/A

Cream Color Base: N/A

Studio Sculpt Concealer: N/A

Select Cover Up Concealer: Not so creamy for me.

Select Moisturecover Concealer: N/A

Studio Finish Concealer: Love the eye- brightening effect of this concealer. i have one in nc30- me too!

Studio Stick: N/A

Lip Erase: N/A

Tinted Lip Conditioner: I love it! Moisturizing plus it is tinted. I am a sucker for tinted lippies!

Lipstick: MY HG FOR LIPSTICKS!- Ditto!

Lipglass: NICE PIGMENT AND SMELL; LOVELY COLORS AND SHINE--- Ditto! Minus the stickiness

See Thru Lip Color: N/A

Dazzleglass: A-Okay

Cremesheen Glass: A-Okay

Lip Gelee: N/A I wanna try it though

Lip Pencil: N/A

Solar Bits: N/A

Nail Lacquer: N/A

Shadestick: Creases on my lids

Paint: N/A

Paint Pots: N/A

Eye Shadow: Wide selection but I am not an eyeshadow fan.

Pigment: N/A

Glitter: N/A

Eye Kohl: N/A

Chromaline: N/A

Fluidline: Good staying power

Liquid Last Liner: N/A

Lustre Drops: N/A

False Lashes: N/A. I dunno how to use falsies. >_<

ProLash Mascara: N/A

Zoom Lash Mascara: N/A

Plush Lash Mascara: N/A

Fibre Rich Lash Mascara: N/A

Dazzle Lash Mascara: N/A


What has been your favourite Mac collection to date?
Hello Kitty

What products do you think Mac are missing?
A really uber super duper HD loose powder and foundation. But I think they already have that to compete with MUFE's HD line.



  1. thanks for the tag. i'll do this soon, but i don't have much MAC products though.

  2. MAC Already has an HD powder. I don't know when it'll be released here. :) Thanks for answering pammy! :)

  3. Oh wow, I didn't know that there was a Mac Tag going around. Nice though ;) Lol. And wow, you want to be a Chef? I give you props! It looks so dangerous but delicious. Haha.

  4. Crystal, thanks. :)

    Martha, thanks. Been waiting for that but when I asked the MAC MUA at Shang, it seemed like I was talking alien to them.

    Cheysser, yeah, I wanna be a chef. International cuisine's my target. A little Asian, French, and Italian. :) Now I'm gonna tag you for that MAC tag. :P


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