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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

mini soap haul + rant

I went out today and had late lunch at Charlie's with two friends. Of course, I had buffalo wings. We headed to MegaMall after we ate and we all went to different directions. I went to The Soap Factory to buy a soap and i got the Geisha soap (whitening + anti-aging). I got the big bar for only 99 bucks and had it cut in 4 cubes. I then searched for The Soap Opera and got the Small Wonder Soap which is really small. 30g for 75 bucks! I hope there won't be an adverse reaction from these soaps.

My mini soap haul.

There goes my mini soap haul. I am becoming a soapaholic.

Now, time to rant!

I just had a buyer from eBay who gave me such a headache! First, she bids on my items. Then after she won, I sent her the invoice. I then receive several Chikka messages (sorry, I hate Chikka) asking for my BPI account details when it was already stated on the listings that I only accept G-Cash payments for now. Then buyer asks how to pay via G-cash and if a new sim is needed. I didn't mean to sound like a snob but I simply told her to go to a Globe business center and ask for instructions and that the people there will help her but I told her that there is no need to have a Globe sim. Alright, so payment method has been settled. Then the following day which is a Sunday, I received the payment. So I told the buyer I will have it picked up by Air21 the following day. Monday came and I called Air21 to have it picked up. I was surprised that the buyer has already left me feedback even though I have not shipped the item yet. And I received a message from the buyer that she has already left me feedback and told me to leave her 2 feedback as well because she's just new and needs to accumulate feedback. I didn't like it. Plus the feedback left was "hassle-fri transaction. ang ebay pala di lang pangmayaman, pwede din pala sa poor". C'mon! Then I received another Chikka message in ALL CAPS asking about the tracking number. Told her I'll text her the tracking number once Air21 has picked it up. But no Air21 came so I wasn't able to ship it. I wasn't able to text her, my bad. Early this morning, I got a message from her through eBay telling me I did not text her the tracking number, asking if I did not ship it, that she has already paid so I should ship the item. C'mon! It's only been a day. And it's not like I am going to run away with her money, which, by the way, is 377 bucks. I told her I will go to Air21 and ship it personally and then I will text her the tracking number. And so I did. Even before she won, she kept on asking if I can end the listings for her. She even asked me if I can combine shipping because she is still a student. So I combined the shipping, which I normally do. She's the obnly buyer who I received several messages from, of course, the infamous psycho eBayer being an exception. She gave me a headache. I find her kind of demanding but in a subtle way. My rant ends here. At least I'm done with the transaction with her.


  1. oohh.. nasty buyer!! spill her name,, i will not tell anybody.. LOL btw, the feedback suck bigtime..

  2. ahaha! yeah, it does suck. i hope you don't encounter her as a buyer. ^_^

  3. Can't that buyer read? LOL. She really was a pain. I hope you won't encounter a buyer like her.

  4. i hope so too. she said something like, "til next time". uh oh! >_<

  5. ebay isn't all that hassle-free pala ;-)

  6. hi caryn. it would depend on the person you are dealing with. :)


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