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Thursday, May 21, 2009

My mini haul for this week

Hi guys! I'll just keep this short and sweet because I am so sleepy. Here's my mini haul for this week.

Here they are!

1. Zen Zest Melon Body Spray/Cologne -smells so yummy and really melon-y
2. Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat
3. 2 sachets of Maxi Peel Concealing Cream in Fair - bb cream-ish?
4. Cyleina Kojic Soap

5. D&G Light Blue samples - got them so I don't have to carry around the bottle and samples will easily fit in any purse
6. Vanilla & Co. Slip on Something Sexy in Fresh Vanilla Milk (bottled body butters) - they do not have this scent but I requested that they put FVM instead and the owner agreed (so nice of her)

I like how the bottled butter was neatly packed. Both came in yesterday.

And lastly, these came in today.

7. Clinique Fresh Bloom All Over Face Color in Peony - GWP (gift with purchase) got this on eBay and marked "not for individual sale" but I still purchased it since it's so pretty and cute.

8. Bath & Body Works Body Splash in Magnolia Blossom - 59mL

So these are my mini haul for this week. I'm officially on a no-buy mode starting today. I am so broke! >_<


  1. i saw the clinique blush thingie when i was in singapore. it was really cute and tiny!

  2. pammy ang cute ng clinique...must have cost a lot..

  3. crystal, yeah, it's really really cute i don't even want to use it.

    shobe, would you believe it's just PHP185? :D

  4. Again, again, I envy you sis. Haha! Can't shop these days 'coz of our baby. I might as well find time to shop for myself. ^_^

  5. sis, i do most of my shopping online. it'd really be convenient for you. :)

  6. OMG!! the cutest blush ata yan.. i love it..

  7. Your kitty is so adorable.^_^ Awww.:)

    Oh I didn't know you could request to have the body butters bottled! That would be so convenient. I love Vanilla & Co. body butters, too!!! Nowadays I can't sleep without slathering some on.

    And that Clinique blush looks too pretty to dip a brush into.:P The flower design is so intricate!

    Go go go dial the Clinique number.:P Hehe.:)

  8. donna, it is so cute, i haven't tested it. didn't see it on eBay? :P

    soapaholic, yeah, i'm afraid i might ruin the flower design if i use it. maybe i'll just have it on display? haha! yeah, i'll dial that number soon. ^_^

    Re: bottled body butters- slip on something sexy are bottled body butters which have different scents from the ones in the tub. since the seller mentioned the consistency of the bottled butters are same with the whipped butter cremes, i then requested to have fresh vanilla milk instead of the 3 scents they have. the seller is so accommodating.

  9. nice haul! i love everything, especially the sample sizes of the d&g perfume, those are cool. and fellow v&co and cyleina user here heehee. it's hard being broke i hope both of our no-buys can end soon :)

  10. eeek bite me its only 185??sana ako din makahanp ng good buys na ganyan hehe

  11. Ida, I hope so too. i miss online shopping and hauling. got those sample sizes for only 149 bucks. ^_^

    shobe, yeah, got it for only 185 bucks. :P it doesn't look cute on the picture that's why wala siguro pumapansin masyado on that item but i researched on it and it's cute. ^_^

  12. hey pammy! i'm liking your clinique blush. the sculpting trend in powders is really making me drool over these products. I'm a sucker for pretty prints. :)

    thanks for following my blog. :)

  13. the clinique blush is uber nice---and a steal at P185 --am soo jealous...hehe... Luv those D&G sample bottles too...where did you prurchase it.. i want i want! Lol

  14. the beauty junkie, yeah, it is really cute. reminded me of revlon's a floral affair and mac a rose romance bpb.

    no prob :)

    bhing, i got them from eBay for only 149 bucks for 3 samples. ^_^

  15. i use the clinique blush and its really good ;-)

  16. i finally had the heart to try the clinique blush and it is indeed pretty! ^_^

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