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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rambling, Cyleina Haul + 2 Others

I had a very tiring evening. What started out as a good day turned out to be one of the worst nights in my entire life. I just experienced verbal abuse from some guy. I couldn't post exactly what happened because he knows the link to this blog but all I can say is that I was so scared for myself last night. I had to tell a few friends what happened to me because it was really that bad and I was sort of shocked. They were pissed with the guy. Who wouldn't be? Yeah, verbal abuse is a big no-no. It affected me emotionally and psychologically. It affected me so bad that I was walking around Robinson's Galleria with tears.

My rambling ends here. X_X

Anyway, so I just had to divert my attention somewhere else and I walked around the mall for a few minutes. I have been browsing eBay for like a week now looking for a bronzer. There are a few but I find them a little pricey because I do not want to spend much on a bronzer. I'm more of a blush fan. I saw on a thread at Girltalk that ELF's (eyeslipsface) Sunkissed bronzer is good. So I checked out the ELF counter and got myself a Sunkissed bronzer. Then I passed by Nichido and I saw one particular lippie that caught my eye. It looked so pretty when I tested it so I got it as well.

Damage: PHP129 bucks for the bronzer and PHP163 bucks for the lippie. Not bad at all.

So when I finally got home, I saw another package. My Cyleina soaps haul. I went up to my room and opened the package. The seller was kind enough to include 3 soap samples.

I cut a piece of each soap to try. The anti-acne soap seems promising and so does the tomato soap. Since it's time of the month, I had two zits -one on the nose, one on my chin. The chocolate milk soap smells so yummy but it sort of reminds me of Rice Bran. Or it's just me?

I also tried the bronzer and the lippie at home. I was able to sort of make the bronzer work for me and contour my chubby face. I think I'm going to like bronzers. ^_^ The's so sheer and glides smoothly on the lips. I love it! I found the best MLBB so far! And it's just cheap for PHP163. I want to get the Nude shade too.

I wanted to look for more stuff but I wanted to go home so much. This wasn't much of a shopping therapy but it helped me in a way. Whew! I'll get over what happened last night soon. Soon enough.

Goodnight. Er, good morning. :)


  1. nice haul :) i'm just discovering elf now, am excited to try the studio stuff thru the pooled order with sis september.

    i liked cyleina's papaya goat's milk soap but i was scared to try black pearl on my face, hope they work for you :)

  2. sorry to hear that you have been verbally abused. hope everything will be fine.,

    i don't like elf bronzer to use for contouring because they are too shimmery for my taste.. instead i use elf pressed powder in no. 4.. and love the effect.. :D

  3. Hi Ida! I pooled order with sis september too. ^_^ but i only got the powder brush and the contour and highlight duo.

    black pearl is really mentholated, i feel refreshed on those hot days. Thanks!

    Donna, thanks. I'll get over it soon. :D

    yeah, i noticed that it's a little too shimmery. hmmm..i might try that pressed powder in no. 4. thanks!

  4. Crystal, onga. ^_^

    i'm liking the tomato soap kaso parang sobrang banat mukha ko after, nakakatakot. :D


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