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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bon Bons Ginger Bread Flavored Lip Gloss

Got a package today and found it outside the door. The whole family went to Tagaytay. I couldn't come because I need to go back to the office where I used to work at to get some moolah and I'm seeing someone. So I received the Bon Bons Ginger Bread Flavored Lip Gloss I bought last Saturday via eBay and along with it came a freebie. They were neatly bubblewrapped.

A yellow and black necklace as a freebie.


The color is a lovely peach shade with shimmer. What I did to minimize the shimmer is I topped it off with Bonne Bell Glossy Tint in Caramel Latte. It now has subtle shimmer. But the picture above is just Ginger Bread alone. Not bad for 60 bucks (a little over a dollar).

Liking it so far. ^_^

Waiting for my Cyleina soaps to arrive. I have to leave by 2:30pm.

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