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Monday, May 18, 2009

Product Review: Vanilla & Co. Fresh Vanilla Milk Whipped Buttercream

I purchased this Whipped Buttercream in Fresh Vanilla Milk from Vanilla & Co.'s website last week. I have been using this religiously for almost a week now enough to make a review on this product. I've used it on hot, humid days, and on those days where it's kinda cold and raining. And oh, I mixed cpc+g of Venus & Mars with this.

Here's what I think:

-smells yummy like milk and vanilla (of course, it has to smell like vanilla!)
-looks a little oily but surprisingly not greasy on the skin when applied and texture is amazing
-makes my skin smoother and softer and keeps it well-nourished as well now that my arms are peeling
-perfect for summer, doesn't give me that icky feeling even though it's hot
-price is cheap (SALE Price P199.00/180g; P299/300g)
-locally available

-doesn't last the whole day, I have to reapply probably because of the peeling on my skin right now
-scent can be a little sweet for some but to my surprise, my nose can tolerate its sweet vanilla scent given that I have a very sensitive nose

Will I buy again? Hell yeah!

I just can't decide which scent to try next. I'm thinking of Lemon Meringue or Vanilla Creamsicle. And I'm also thinking of getting their Slip on Something Sexy Bottled Butters in Playful Bubblegum or in Fresh Vanilla Milk as well. They don't have FVM on their Slip on Something Sexy flavors but I asked and the owner said she can put FVM instead.

I love looking at their website and I want to buy them all! But I'm broke right now. >_<


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