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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Product Comparison: The Body Shop Blush Brush and. EcoTools Bamboo Blush Brush

I've been using the TBS (The Body Shop) Blush Brush for almost a year now and I have to admit this is a pretty tough brush. I haven't been very careful with this brush as I just tend to throw it inside my bag, on my bed, or on the table after every use. Okay, I wasn't that into brushes yet back then. I didn't know how to take good care of them. So I have used it for powder blushes, mineral blushes and cream blushes and it does a pretty good job of applying my blush. I remember using it a few times in applying my foundation because I was told by the SA that it can be used that way too.

I have bought a couple of other blush brushes- the Blusche Angled blush brush and the MAC 168SE angled brush, but I end up using this one more than those 2. I like that it doesn't feel scratchy even after washing it several times and has been "abused" by the owner.

I never thought of buying a back up for this brush because i knew it'll last me for a very long time. Until I saw the EcoTools Bamboo Blush Brush on the Internet. I had wanted it the moment I saw it and read that it is eco-friendly. Plus all the good reviews it had on MUA. So when I finally had the chance to own one, I instantly grabbed the chance and this time, I made sure I'll have a back up.

The EcoTools and the TBS blush brushes.

Both the bristles are soft.
Left: TBS Right: EcoTools
Notice that EcoTools is kinda bigger than that of TBS.

Topview. Left: EcoTools Right: TBS
EcoTools is noticeably thicker and fluffier than TBS.

Sideview. The ferrule of the TBS brush is slimmer than EcoTools'.

Here's what I think of both products based on my very own experience.

The Body Shop Blush Brush

- locally available at any The Body Shop store
- can also be used as a foundation brush (based on the SA's reco and my own experience)
- sturdy (even after all the throws I've made)
- has only shed once for almost a year ^_^
-still soft and the shape hasn't changed, well, maybe a little, since I first had it

- a little bit pricey for almost 1k
- the ferrule easily gets scratches -subjective
- the label is gone in just a few months - this is very subjective as I didn't take good care of this brush

Will I buy again? Hmmm... Maybe I will. But right now, I am going to try my EcoTools blush brush and take it from there.

And now...

EcoTools Bamboo Blush Brush

- eco-friendly - nothing can ever beat this!
- the bristles are uber duper super soft
- did not shed when I washed and used it
- has a resealable case
- great quality for such a cheap price

- not locally available - major bummer! X_X

NOTE: This isn't a complete pros and cons thingie for the EcoTools brush because i've used it for just a couple of times whereas i've used the TBS brush for almost a year now.

Will I buy again? Yes, but not as of the moment. I still have a back up of this. ^_^

So that's it for now. Ta! ^_^

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