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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Messing up a lip gloss x_x

Three posts in a day, huh. Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm a bum and I've got nothing to do other than go online or play with my Game Boy. And I really wasn't supposed to post anything more but I feel like posting this stupid mishap and act of mine.

So earlier, I made a post about my new lippies. I find the blue and pink gloss cute but I don't know how I 'm supposed to go out wearing it. So i decided to put the blue gloss on a separate container so I can use the pink one without having to get a little of the blue. I even took pictures. Perhaps because at the back of my mind, I knew that I might ruin the gloss and blog about it. So here goes.

L-R: A clean empty container, the lip gloss, a clean tiny spoon (I forgot to include my lip brush)

I scooped out the blue gloss using the spoon.

I used the lip brush to get the gloss off the spoon and into the container. By the way, I am using a paint brush as a lip brush. Got it for PHP20 bucks.

I used the paint/lip brush to scoop off what's left of the blue gloss on top of the pink gloss. I tried to do it as carefully as i can so as not to ruin it.

Once I was able to successfully remove the blue gloss on top of the pink one, I washed the lip brush and swirled it onto the pink gloss to sort of blend with the very little blue gloss I can see on top of the pink one. But I forgot that there was still some blue gloss at bottom of the container! How could I possibly forget that?! And now, instead of having a pink gloss, I now have a purple one! How stupid is that, huh! So i had no choice but to scoop back the blue gloss onto its original container and swirled it over and over to make it purple. And this is how it looks like now.

What am I gonna do with it? I don't know. Good thing I got it as a freebie because if I paid for it, I would've felt worse than bad. I feel bad because I got more than what I bargained for when I took a risk in trying to make this gloss what I want it to be. And the cute pink and blue gloss is now purple. X_X

So this is the story of me messing up a lip gloss.

Lesson learned: Never ever mess up with a lip gloss that has blue in it because there's a big chance of ruining it. ^_^

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