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Sunday, May 3, 2009

What happens when I am uber bored...

I am really bored right now. Can't think of any other websites to go to. After I took a shower last night, I just thought of browsing eBay for Cyleina soaps. I love Rice Bran and Black pearl but the other variants intrigue me. So was just clicking on items one by one and this is what happened.

I ended up hoarding 6 different bars of soap.

1. rice bran
2. black pearl
3. chocolate milk
4. papaya goat's milk
5. tomato
6. anti-acne

They will be shipped on Monday and I will receive them on Tuesday. I'm excited. I was also thinking of buying the coffee soap but I figured I only have one face and body.

I am kinda sleepy now and my eyes are tired. *yawn* Ciao! ^_^

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