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Saturday, May 2, 2009

ECOTOOLS Bamboo 5 Piece Mineral Brush Set

This brush set caught my eye because of the cute cosmetic bag and the baby kabuki brush. The bristles of both the baby kabuki and the powder brush are undeniably soft even after I washed them. Plus, they did not shed. Not even once, which is great! I was sort of expecting the brush set to be a little bigger but after reading some reviews from fellow bloggers, I have managed my expectations for this brush set. I just settled for the softness and the cuteness of the brushes and the case. Here are a few photos.

Look at how small the brushes are!

And this is how soft the brushes are.

The concealer brush

The eye shading brush

The baby kabuki brush ^_^

The mineral powder brush

The cute cosmetic bag

Here's the description at the back of the "reusable storage pouch".

This Earth-friendly set shows respect for the planet:
-Bamboo handle has a low impact on the earth's resources as it is from a highly sustainable plant
-Synthetic Taklon bristles are 100% cruelty free
-Sleek ferrule is made from recycled aluminum
-Cosmetic bag is made from natural cotton and hemp
-Reusable storage pouch

Mineral Powder brush
-apply powder or mineral foundation all over face in a circular buffing motion and work inward towards nose

*I say I can use this as a blush brush as well. I have tried and it works just as fine as the bamboo blush brush. ^_^*

Concealer Brush
-use with liquid or mineral concealer for more coverage on blemishes and under eyes

Eye Shading Brush
-expertly cut to apply and blend powder eye shadows

Baby Kabuki
-buff powder over areas that need more coverage

Cosmetic Bag
-55% hemp linen, 45% cotton

What I like about this brush set:
-Eco-friendly (nothing beats that)
-the bristles are uber duper super soft but delivers as well
-small and sleek and can easily fit on the bag
-priced at $12.49 + tax and I say the great quality is not bad for the price

What I do not dig about it:
-not locally available

Here's my EcoTools bamboo 5 piece mineral brush set and I am happy with it.
Will I buy again? Maybe not, because if i take good care of these brushes, they'll last me a good long time. But if something happens to them or I lose them (I hope not), then I will certainly purchase this very same brush set.

Ciao! ^_^

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