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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunburnt or Sunkissed?

Heya! I went swimming with my whole family last Sunday. We had a blast! But the only two things I didn't like about it are: my sunburn and my body hurts like hell after that. My skin is finally coming back to its original color (thanks to Cyleina's rice bran, papaya goat's milk, and black pearl) but in just an hour, my skin is already soooo red. What's even more annoying is that since my cousin threw me in the pool when we got there, I decided not to change instead since my shirt and shorts got wet. And now, my arms aren't evenly tanned. It's like I have a white shirt under my top. Here are some proof.

It's really that bad. :(

On my cheeks and nose. But I'm liking the sunkissed look except for the part that my nose is so red. It's not that obvious on the picture but it is really red in person.

I bought Cyleina's Gluta-Max soap because I want my skin color back. And I remember seeing before and after pics of someone who used that soap on her tanned skin. I only need it on my arms and legs though.

But a couple of neighbors saw me and they said they loved my sunkissed skin and she wants her skin to be like mine. Maybe it's not really that bad after all. But I like my old skin better. ^_^


  1. sis ganda nga ng kutis mo pero mas gusto ko yung skin mo pag wala sunburn napakaglowy healthy healthy tgnan.

  2. thanks sis. kaya nga mega-hoard ako ng whitening products para bumalik na kulay ko. ;D


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