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Sunday, May 17, 2009

I have a new baby! Samsung Blackjack II

I have a new baby! Not the one that cries out load when hungry or wet, but a new gadget. I now have a Samsung SGH-i617 Blackjack II which is a smartphone/PDA phone.

It's using Windows mobile 6 which is good. I've used Windows mobile before when I had an O2 pda phone. I like almost everything about it except for 2 things--- 1. Camera- only 2 megapixel
2. No WiFi. I was kinda disappointed so I decided not to let goo of my Nokia N80 and keep it. For me, N80 is such a smart phone. I have installed Opera mini in it and a lot of other stuff. I just can't part ways with it. But the flex ribbon keeps getting busted so I have to have it fixed like every year. But so far, I am happy with my Blackjack II. I'm slowly getting used to the qwerty keypad again. And it's a little biggie. Look:

It's kinda big but it's not fat, I find it kinda sleek. It would've been perfect for me if it has wifi but the N80 can do that for me.

Oh, I got this from my cousin for $100. He's had it for only 2 months but hasn't used it because he likes using his Blackberry better. That's why there's an AT&T logo at the bottom of it. It looks brand new to me so I think it is a good buy.

My cousin's going back to the US today. We went out last Friday. Had late lunch at Charlie's where a friend joined us. We had philly cheese steak, buffalo wings, black angus burger, and fish & chips. I love the buffalo wings! We went home full then had coffee at Krispy Kreme in Gateway. The cousin and I went straight to Bamboo Grill Asia where we had drinks from 6pm - 10pm. We had beer, white russian drinks, onion rings with ranch sauce (which is yummy) and cheese sticks with chese sauce (which is also yummy). Yesterday, we had a despedida/farewell lunch for him.Then my cousin's girlfriend gave me something. A Victoria's Secret body lotion in Pure Seduction.

I wish my nose luck because it was never that lucky with Victoria's Secret Scents. Whenever I smell something from VS or anything sweet, I end up having a sneeze fest where I sneeze continuously for more than 10 times. Anyway, that's it for now. Ciao! ^_^


  1. Ohhh nice new baby! I would have hated if it didn't have wifi either... I would have just sold it and bought a Nokia e63. Hehe.

    Victoria's Secret makes me sneeze a lot too!! Sometimes the scents make me nauseous too.

  2. Thanks, Chrissy. Yeah, major bummer! At least N80 has wifi. :D

    Ooh, that happens to me with VS too. Now I know I'm not the only one who has nose problems with VS. :D

  3. I have an extremely sensitive nose, too so I know how you feel about VS scents!X|

    What a nice baby you have there!^_^

  4. Hi Pammy. Hehe, you shouldn't stay near me then. My perfume is from Victoria's Secret. It's the Very Sexy scent. IMO, it doesn't have that signature floral scent of VS. Oh and by the way sis, I've a Friendship Chain which I want to pass on to you. You can check it out on my blog. Thanks.

  5. Soapaholic: yeah, it sucks that our noses doesn't like vs scents. >_<
    Thanks! ^_^

    Golden: Really? I stay away from anything VS, except for their bags and purses and make up. Thanks, I'll check it out. ^_^


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