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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crazy woman! plus skin update

Have you heard of the crazy woman who called a bank, not sure if it's Citibank, and just kept on cursing at the agent in Tagalog? If you have, then it must've been too late for me. I just heard it. And I swear I had a headache while listening to it and I didn't finish the whole audio clip. If you want to listen to it, click HERE.

I say good luck to your eardrums. >_< Here's a mini update on my skin. Since I have been so desperate to have my old skin color back, I bought a few products. Just recently, I bought a Cyleina Kojic Soap since it's one of the fastest in whitening, as most people say. I used it for the first time last night together with my all time favorite Rice Bran and Papaya Goat's Milk as well since both RB and Kojic can be too drying for some. I used it again when I took a shower this morning and this is the result on my arm. Beware. You're in for a scare.
See how fast it worked on my skin? I was quite surprised when I saw the peeling on my skin. I have the arms of a snake. >_< But my mom saw that there's an improvement with my color. I hope my real skin color comes back in just a few months. ;D

I recently hauled some stuff but I'll just post them when they're all here.

Ciao for now! ^_^


  1. Oh my gosh the Citibank Lady! Did you watch her little incident in that McDonald's too? LOL she is so INSANE!!

    Good luck with getting your original skin color back!

  2. BAKIT GANUN sis..gumagamit ako cyleina kojic hindi ako angbabalat ng ganito..anu ba ginagawa mo?kasi ako kojic lang ginagamit ko..

  3. Chrissy, i haven't. I'll look for it on youtube. Hehe. Thanks :)

    Shobe, i use rice bran, then kojic, then papaya goat's milk. Baka kaya din ganto nagbabalat sakin, dahil din siguro sa sunburn?

  4. I tried almost all Cyleina Soaps. Now ang binibili ko na lang is rice bran and black pearl. I tried to convince myself that black pearl is not working pero I always come back kasi it doesn't dry my skin out.

    Yung rice bran naman, love ni bf because it's very lather-y and it smells like chocolate twin popsies.


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