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Friday, May 8, 2009

RANT! ELF Sunkissed Bronzer

I am really annoyed and sad because when I brought out my ELF Sunkissed Bronzer, I was surprised to see that it was broken into pieces! It was in my bag and i don't remember throwing my bag anywhere. I dunno how it could've possibly broke just like that. I've had it for like 2 days and a half and now it's a mess! T'was a disaster and a total waste of money even though it's just for PHP129 bucks. I haven't even used it when I went out! Bummer!

See what I mean? Argh!

Good news is I found a Covergirl Bronzer in Soleil on eBay and immediately clicked on the Buy It Now button. Been eyeing that for weeks now. And I now I had a good reason to buy it because I need a bronzer that isn't powdered. ^_^


  1. it's so fragile to have broken while just being in your purse...too bad. at least you'll be getting that new one :) and thanks for doing the tag, 'course you did it right :)

  2. Yeah, t'was a bummer. :(

    Thanks sis :)

  3. a living proof of poor quality packaging of ELF!! boohoo!!!

    segway..pammy!!! you're also a thomasian!! i am thrilled!!! :D what college?? mwah

  4. Yeah, from AB. We're two kikay thomasians. ^_^

  5. Hi there! Just found your blog.

    I have heard of a lot of girls having problems with ELF products--apparently, their powdered compacts break really easily. I'm so sorry to hear about your casualty--any makeup loss is still money down the drain!

    Maybe you could salvage it by putting it in a sifter jar instead and using it as a loose bronzer? :)

  6. Hi Chrissy. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try that if I still feel like using it because I am really dismayed as of now. Had I known it'll break easily, I would've just bought an mmu bronzer instead and I wouldn't have been as disappointed as I am right now.

    Thanks sis ;D


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