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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My skin care haul + a bronzer

I went out this afternoon to have a late lunch with my cousin and his girlfriend. I was supposed to meet them at Greenhills but met up at Robinson's Galleria instead then we headed straight to Charlie's. We had philly cheese steak and black angus burger and fries. We each had a bottle of beer too. They were heading to Trinoma and I just had them drop me off at Gateway where I had a quick coffee with a friend then I went home. When I got home, I saw two packages on my bed. One from Vanilla & Co. and the other from Venus & Mars. Here's my haul. And oh, I received my Covergirl bronzer yesterday so I included it on the picture.

My Vanilla & Co. purchases- Fresh Vanilla Milk Whipped Buttercream and Buttermilk Melt in your skin powder milkbath

My Venus & Mars purchase- CPC+G and a free sample of their lulur soap

The Covergirl Bronzer in Soleil

There's my happy haul! I bought the cpc+g from Venus & Mars because of my sunburnt skin. Jamie of Venus & Mars was kind enough to include a sample of their lulur soap. Plus there's the Cyleina Glutamax soap I'll most probably receive by tomorrow. I hope my skin gets back to its original color soon. I'm so not used at my color right now.

I am so excited to use my Vanilla & Co. products because I love anything with milk in it. I love how they smell. The milkbath smells so yummy and creamy and reminds me of Alaska or Nido powdered milk. I am so fighting the urge to taste it. ^_^ Since it melts on your skin, I am so psyched to try it. I'll try it tonight when I take a shower.

Ciao for now! ^_^


I tried Vanilla & Co.'s milkbath and it really does melt on the skin. It feels so creamy. Gah! I sort of licked my finger to taste it. I know it's yucky but I couldn't resist. Tastes like milk with a little salt on it. :P I almost used up 20-25% of the product because I used it thrice. That's how much I enjoyed it. I'll just have to use it at least once or twice a week, otherwise, I'll have to order one bottle every single week.

I also mixed 6 drops of Venus & Mars cpc+g originally on my Vanilla & Co. Whipped Buttercream. I'm glad it did not affect the scent of the body butter. I like how the whipped buttercream doesn't feel sticky and greasy on my skin. It feels so light as well. And best off all, my skin smells yummy.

I decided to add a few more drops since the ratio is 3-6 drops per 30ml. But uh oh, I accidentally spilled more than 30 drops of it on the 180ml buttercream. Rough estimate is 40-50. I hop I can still use it. I asked if i still can on both Girltalk and V&M website. I hope I don't have to ditch the body butter. X_X

Overall, I am happy with the products. Well, my skin is happier. ^_^


I sent Jamie an sms asking if it's safe and she said yes, it is still safe to use even though I put more than 30 drops on my body butter since some apply it directly on their skin. Yay! I am so happy.


  1. love the haul.. gave you an award pammy on my blog.. :D

  2. donna, thanks :)

    golden: go get some! they're super worth it. :)

  3. I looove my Vanilla & Co. whipped buttercream too!!! What I'm currently using is French Vanilla. So milky and yummy!!!!^_^

  4. ^
    Yeah, it's really great. I checked out your Vanilla & Co. haul. I so want the Dessert in a Bottle in Vanilla Butterscotch Caramel and Strawberry Cheesecake but I'm kinda hesitant to order because the scent might be too sweet. ^_^


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