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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Review: MAC 187 Duo Fiber Brush

I never really understood why I had to spend a lot on brushes back then until I was into Girltalk. I learned a lot about make up, skin care, and brushes from there. Other than Girltalk, I also check out Make Up Alley to check for reviews on certain products. That is where I encountered MAC 187 or the duo fiber/stippling brush. I thought it looked weird and I was kinda baffled with its purpose. There were just too much raves on the MAC 187 brush. I wasn't that convinced yet until I got myself duo fiber brushes from Everyday Minerals and Blusche which turned out to be disappointments for me. I was able to use them and I was kinda pleased that it makes your foundation look airbrushed. I checked out this brush at the MAC counter and when I saw the MAC 187 on the handle glaring at me, that's when I knew I had to have this brush. I passed on the first chance I had to get it and it haunted me for days. I couldn't sleep well and I even had a dream about being at the MAC counter in Rustan's Shangri La buying one. It was driving me nuts so I decided to buy the Adoring Carmine Holiday Collection brush Set. Sadly though, I was quite disappointed with the 187SE. It was scratchy after I washed it. I wasn't happy and satisfied with my purchase so that's when I decided to get the 187FS, with the help of a little convincing from fellow Girltalkers.

And now, here it is! My MAC 187FS. I couldn't bring myself to always use it because I'm afraid that if I use it frequently, the label might go off and that it might shed a lot. But then I didn't spend PHP2950 bucks on a brush that won't be of use to me. It's not supposed to be a display. So yeah, I used it on foundation, blushes, and finishing powders. I must say it's great! But it works best with liquid foundation and blushes. It gives this airbrushed look when stippled. And with the blush, it applies perfectly! The blush looks so natural and not chalky nor powdery nor dusty on the cheeks. I have to admit that I gave in to the MAC 187 hype. I am now definitely a fan.

Here's what I think of the MAC 187 Duo Fiber/Stippling brush:

1. Versatile, multi-purpose brush (can be used for blush, foundation- liquid, cream, powder, and even finishing powders)
2. Looks very professional and classy
3. This brush is most likely to last you for years if given proper care
4. Locally available

1. C'est si cher! (It's so expensive!) PHP2950 ($59) for one brush! It's way more expensive here in the Philippines.
2. The label can go off the handle, according to some people's experiences - this is the reason why I do not want to use this brush that much.

If you are not into liquid foundation and a powder foundation user just like me, you can pass on this brush since a kabuki or a flat top will do. But if you want to use this brush for blushes, you'd be better off with the smaller MAC 188 brush. And it's a thousand bucks cheaper at PHP1950.

Will I buy this brush again? Nah. I'm planning to make this brush last me a long time. And with PHP2950, I can buy more than just one brush.

Goodnight! ^_^


  1. ahhhh! you made me want this brush even more! really enjoyed reading that :) i wonder when i'll get myself to buy it...

    btw, how do you like the hhn hair mask? i like the conditioner, but not the egg white shampoo, i prefer the nourishing one. and thanks for the award! :)

  2. go buy one sis! it's a good investment. ^_^

    the hair mask really made me chill when i tried it earlier. like i had a bunch of menthol on my head and when i rinsed my hair, it was like pouring ice cold water on my head. but it's good. :P

  3. hi sis, you may wanna put on some clear nail polish on the name so it wouldnt fade. that's what I did with my MAC 188. :)

    HTH. :)

  4. hi sis! i actually thought of doing that but i found out that based on the experiences of some girls, when the nail polish comes off, off the name/label goes too. :(


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